You Would Bitch If You Was Hung With A New Rope . . .

Have you ever tried to help someone do something only to have them ignore every thing you tell them.

“You screw this screw into screw hole #A, this one to #B, this one to #C, and that one to #D”  

“But, I like it like this”

“You’re a DUMBASS!”

That is usually the end result. No matter how many times you explain the way to do it, the reason to do it that way, and point them in the right direction, they are still going to find a way to not do whatever it is they have to do correctly. I would like to think these people are significantly more intelligent than myself and have created a better way to do the task, but it never works out that way. You know who they are going to blame when their project turns out to be a failure?

“What do you mean I did it wrong, I did what you told me to do?”

“No, you did what you wanted to do.”

“You should of supervised me better. You know I do not know anything about how to do this. It is ALL YOUR FAULT!”

Sound familiar? Well I swear, when they declare “open season” on dumbasses, I’m gonna get me some. A whole bunch of some. Hell, I might even poach a little extra. Face it, there is far too much dumbass in the world today. It won’t hurt to thin the herd a little. It might even be the healthy thing to do. I mean, it has to be a genetic failure that creates this inability to follow simple instructions. Damn, it may very well be hereditary.

This could be a little larger a problem than I thought. Just think about it a moment. If dumbass #1 has children with superior intelligence #1, they have a chance of having an average intelligence baby. But if dumbass #1 has a child with dumbass #31, them babies gonna be all the way dumbass. Aren’t there laws against such things. Isn’t “Thou shalt not create dumbass” one of the Ten Commandments?

Well as much as I would like to continue entertaining you with further discussion of this topic, I am sorry I cannot. I am required to go now as it is necessary that I fix what “dumbass” broke. I will see you ‘all later . . .

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