Unidentified man attempts fire rescue

The title should say “Local Hero Performs Fire Rescue.”

Unidentified man attempts fire rescue

The subject cell phone video shows us a fire eagerly working it’s way to burning down the house. I scream for help is called and this gent runs his dumb ass into a blazing fire, moments later coming from the fire carrying a full grown man that had been inside the home.

Now, do not go getting your panties all twisted in a knot. I do have a little experience as a fireman and only a dumbass runs into a burning building, firemen included. I mean think about it. The place is on fire, flames everywhere, the ceiling falling down aflame all around you . . . What kind of sane intelligent person is stupid enough to run into such a building. Well, in addition to the thousands of brave men and women working as firemen nation wide, there is this fella in the blue ball cap that had the heart to risk his own life to save another. The big difference in this situation is that the blue ball cap is not a fireman, does not have the training, the experience, or the protective clothing and he still risked his own life to save another. And, nobody knows who he is . . .

Fresno, California is looking for a hero that walked away after doing his good deed by saving a man’s life. So, who is the gent wearing the blue ball cap. ”I tip my hat to you friend, it takes a lot of heart to run into a burning building. Good Job!” 

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