Watch a citizen pull over a cop for a change

Every so often, you stumble across something really interesting . . .

Watch a citizen pull over a cop for a change

Our subject story/video shows a citizen pulling over an unmarked patrol car and the citizen telling the officer operating the car to cease his activities while using the unmarked car. I guess the State Laws for the location require the use of “marked” patrol cars for patrol duties which may have made the officer’s activities while using the vehicle he was using illegal.

I remember years ago that many jurisdictions required a marked patrol car for all contact with citizens. An unmarked unit could observe an issue and could still write the ticket or whatever, but a marked unit was required to initiate contact with the citizen. I do not know if such restriction or obligation exists presently, but in the subject story the citizen making the stop says such may exist where the stop made.

I wonder how many people are stopped by an unmarked patrol car a day in America. Is anybody experiencing flashbacks to George Zimmerman? Not the same rules, or even the same type of incident but it makes you think of him doesn’t it? Anyway, back to topic. As recent as the beginning of this month there have been women pulled over by fake police and sexually assaulted; Fake Police What is interesting about the story in this case, is the car description fits many “unmarked” patrol vehicles.

There are numerous reports of criminals using fake patrol vehicles, both “marked” and “unmarked” to commit crimes. Robbery, kidnappings, hijacks, and sexual assaults have been committed by use of fake police cars. So, why would you stop for an unmarked police car? Here’s an interesting story about a young lady being pulled over by a rapist: Rapist Patrol Stop 

Almost every Law Enforcement agency uses unmarked vehicles, many States use unmarked cars specifically for traffic stops, and while most agencies require a “marked” vehicle initiate the contact with the citizen, not all agency’s do. So, some day or night you may look in your rearview mirror and see the flashing red, white, and blues of a police patrol car pulling you over. Being the ever compliant citizen you are you will turn on your hazard lights, indicating compliance with the officer’s intent that you pull over, if you happen to notice that the police vehicle pulling you over does not bear police markings, you will continue to pull over for the officer while dialing 911 on your cell phone to confirm with the police that it in fact a policemen pulling you over. Then you will comply with the police officer to resolve the issue he stopped you for. All ends well and you get your “ticket” for going 35 in a 30 zone . . . WAIT! What’s this ticket for talking on my cell phone while driving!!   

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