Babysitter Arrested for Stabbing Dad Who Turned Down Her Advances | CafeMom

Visit any porn site and you will find all sorts of pics, videos, and stories about the parents of the children seducing and sexing up the babysitter. In our subject story the story takes a different twist. The babysitter demands the children’s father have sex with her. When he refuses she takes after him with a knife and fists.

Babysitter Arrested for Stabbing Dad Who Turned Down Her Advances | CafeMom

This is the first time I have ever heard a story in which the babysitter was the aggressor in the seduction of another for sex. Not that it has not happened before, just that I never heard about it. But in a time where it is almost common practice to discover female school teachers doing their young male students, and in one case their young female students, why shouldn’t the babysitter get some too.

I suspect in this story the babysitter is not a sexy little co-ed working her way through college as the father describes her as having been intoxicated with mental issues, two things that would have made her more appealing to many men. I know I am making light of this situation, but I simply do not understand the need for women to cross over the line to sleep with students or unavailable men. Even the ugliest woman can find a sex partner by 1:30 AM in any part of the country. Some can have multiple sex partners by that time. And I will grant you that there are some that may have a little difficulty, even they will have secured a bed partner by 2:00 AM, even if they smell bad.

So, why is it that women are having so much difficulty getting laid that they find it necessary to cross the aforementioned line. Fat won’t do it, ugly won’t do it, OMG that leaves only one thing that would prevent a man from boarding that train .. . . She talks! That is the only logical excuse. There is no other reason for a man, some man, to chat up even the most physically offensive woman in the world. There are men out there that would have sex with a snake if someone would hold the snakes neck. But, even the most attractive woman, when she starts with the “yakkety yak yak” can turn off even the most desperate of men.

Were I the gent in the subject story . . . I would promptly hire a NEW babysitter.

(Disclaimer: I know this may be considered offensive by any person of taste or quality upbringing, but I could not help myself. It just seems so ridiculous that a woman is chasing a man with a knife because he won’t give her any. So, I had to make a joke out of it. I really am not the chauvinistic perverse person that doing so makes me appear, really. To all the women I have offended by this, I apologize. To any men offended, … )

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