SIKH Religion Allowed To Carry Concealed Weapon On School CAmpus . . . (revised)

This is ridiculous!  CNN Video – Breaking News Videos from

We now allow the Sikh Faith, which is not a religion of the Islamic Faith, to carry a dagger with them as part of their faith. Oh, it get’s much more interesting. The “kirpan” is an instrument of social justice. Run that through your mind for a minute. The place we are going to allow these people to carry this weapon, is in our public schools. Okay, let’s carry this further . . . The child is going to carry this weapon concealed under his clothing.

WTF, a school is going to allow an elementary school kid to carry a concealed big ass dagger on school grounds?  Religion my ass! Does this mean that everyone of the Sikh Faith gets to carry a concealed dagger to school?


And, it brings to our attention. DO YOU MEAN THAT EVERY ONE OF THESE TURBAN WEARING PEOPLE IS PACKING A CONCEALED WEAPON EVERY WHERE THEY GO? Are you going to walk the streets unarmed knowing this. Every week one or more Islamic eccentrics is trying to kill somebody, and we are going to let them carry concealed weapons without issue.

You do realize, that it is against the law to carry this weapon concealed upon your person in America! We cannot say the “Pledge Of Allegiance” in our schools, we have created a separation of “Church” and “State” for every religion except Islamic Sikhs!

I am not racist, nor anti religion, but the first thing we need do is disarm these people. If I cannot carry a concealed weapon, nobody can. How long before some bigger kid takes this kids knife from him and uses it on some other kid? This decision means that every student regardless of age and/or campus can legally carry a concealed weapon upon their person, while your kid can’t carry a butter knife on campus without being suspended and/or arrested.

Somebody needs to create a new religion in which it is part of our faith to carry a sawed off shotgun, loaded everywhere I go.

5 thoughts on “SIKH Religion Allowed To Carry Concealed Weapon On School CAmpus . . . (revised)

  1. The kirpan has been allowed in Canadian schools for almost a decade. Definitely does not sound fair even though they are as dull as the dull end of a butter knife.

    I’m pretty sure the Sikh religion is not a part of the Islamic religion.

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    • Really? Then I stand corrected. My main issue with this is that in today’s schools a child can be suspended and/or arrested for possession of any kind of knife. The law requires that a “dagger” is illegal in all 50 states, I believe. And, carrying any kind of knife not a pocket knife concealed is also against the law. Religion or not, we have separated church and state to a degree that carrying any kind of weapon in our schools under the name of religion is ridiculous. In an elementary school? Does that not mean in all our schools, our government buildings, our airlines, and our streets. I am sorry, but you do not allow religion to provide for a certain class to do something that you have incarcerated others for.


    • MrJohnson, Thank You for correcting my belief the Sikh Religion was part of the Islamic following, and my apologies to any of the Sikh religion I may have offended by such belief. I did a little research (That should have been done prior to my running my mouth off yesterday) about the Sikh Religion and have to admit to being impressed. All of us would benefit were we to follow their beliefs.

      I still do not agree that they should be carrying a concealed weapon anywhere, even at school.


      • Most people probably wouldn’t agree with the kirpan law either.

        In Canada, if you wear a turban you also do not have to follow the law of having to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. It doesn’t affect anyone else other than the rider so it’s less of an issue than the kirpan deal.

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      • The problem is that the people from the middle-east are ruled by religion, not laws of government. We are a land of multiple religions but are required to adhere to the laws of government not the rules of religion, America that is. So, to what extreme do we allow the abuse of the laws while arresting other people within this country for the same offense they are allowed?

        I know of a young man that got arrested, was not allowed to graduate with his class, and now has a criminal record for taking a small kitchen knife to cut a mango to eat on his way to school. He later was discovered to have it in his book bag. The boy had no criminal record, no gang involvement, no drug use, just was hungry and didn’t think about it.

        I also know of a man that while walking late at night on a very rural road that was carrying what could be called a dagger because he was afraid of the “boogy man” or wild animals (Very dark and secluded road) He did not have it concealed but he was arrested for having possession of a “dirk or dagger.” He is still awaiting trial for this. Were he to have had it concealed, he would of had the additional charge of carrying a concealed weapon. So, how can we let the kirpan be carried by this child? And, if we make such exception, does that not mean that anybody of the Sikh religion can carry a concealed kirpan on any school campus in America?


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