Police: Shooter at school near Seattle is dead – CNN.com

It’s ridiculous that we keep having these incidents . . .

Police: Shooter at school near Seattle is dead – CNN.com

Why are people being killed by someone using someone else’s gun? Seriously, why was this gun available to be used by this kid in the first place? I believe this gun belongs to the kids father, so why has the kid got it during school hours unsupervised by anyone? I am a strong believer in gun owner responsibility. If you own a gun and it is not in your physical possession, then it should be secured from use by others. Not that big a task for any responsible person.

In the event that your child owns guns, he need not have ready access to any of them. What reason is there for a teenager to have access to a firearm during school hours? Why would the teenager need access to any firearm at any time except when intending to go to the range, hunting, or similar activity? So, how did this kid get access to this gun?

I know the gun owner just lost his child and I feel for him, but his kid just killed or shot others using the parents gun, that he should not have had access to in the first place. The argument, “He was such a good boy, never got into trouble, and was well liked by everyone” does not hold water. The teenage years for everyone are the most difficult years a person has to deal with. Between immature minds and raging hormones every teenager is an accident waiting to happen. While not all children become a problem during their teen years, all have the potential to become a human “train wreck” almost at the flip of a switch. So why would any responsible adult allow a teenager access to a firearm unsupervised?

Like I said, I believe in gun owner responsibility. If your gun is used because you did not properly secure the weapon from misuse by others, it is your responsibility. And, you should bear the responsibility for whatever acts committed with your weapon. And as hard as it sounds, the gun owner should be charged for all the harm caused by misuse of his gun, including the death of his own child. It is really very simple . . . You own a gun, it is your responsibility. You have a kid that owns guns, they are also your responsibility until your child is an adult and can bear the responsibility himself. And if you are not smart enough to secure the guns your responsibility, you should not have a gun.

This is not a rocket science type issue. Do you love your kid enough to ensure that he doesn’t destroy the lives of others as well as his own? Then buy a friggin trigger lock, a gun safe, or whatever it takes to lock the damn gun up when you are not physically there to ensure the gun’s proper use. This incident is a shame. This incident was facilitated by the negligence of a gun owner. These incidents will continue until gun owners are held responsible for the negligence of not properly securing their firearm. Charge the father for the murder of his son and the harm caused to the others in this incident.

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    • Actually, I would hate to see the parent charged for the death of his own child, but it needs to happen. And if it does not happen, the parent at least has to live with the fact that he is responsible for these deaths the same as if he pulled the trigger himself. You cannot own a weapon like a firearm without accepting the responsibility for it’s misuse. If this were a case of a parent providing booze to his child and the child later kills somebody in an auto accident, the parent would be charged. I do not understand Law Enforcement or the District Attorney’s failure to hold the parent accountable. Somebody has to draw the line on responsibility of gun ownership.

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