‘Stop Telling Women to Smile’ art project takes on street harassment – CNN.com

Women if something about you catches a man’s eye, he will likely try to chat you up. It is really not their fault if men are ignorant and fail to know how to properly conduct themselves when passing you on the street.

‘Stop Telling Women to Smile’ art project takes on street harassment – CNN.com

We live in an age where we believe that coming up with some form of pick up line that is more offensive than not to try to obtain a woman’s attention is acceptable. Blame it on TV, blame it on anybody you want but the facts are, men of today do not know how to be gentlemen. As a matter of fact, men of today fail dramatically in the social graces. Men are too busy believing that they have to act like thugs when walking down the street that they do not even know how to appear friendly.

When I was growing up, when you passed someone on the street you acknowledged him/her with a nod, a greeting, and usually a smile. Today’s man is so insecure in their masculinity that they won’t even meet another man’s eye without fronting a potential threat to the other man. Go look. Walk down the sidewalk and see how many people even look at you. Then of those that look, how many demonstrate being friendly, how many demonstrate threat? We are being reduced to an anti-social grunting society that rather than say “hello” now has to come off like some “alley Romeo” to every woman that passes.

The funny thing is, rarely do men pick up women using these antics.Even the woman that smiles and laughs at the gent’s lack of proper social skills, wants nothing to do with the fella. And, these losers straining their lips to look cool for their peers are a joke. Ladies my point, is please do not think all men are like those you have to deal with on the street that are offensive and idiotic.

Gents take the time to learn how to be social again. What I mean by this is learn how to act polite and cool at the same time. When you pass a strange woman on the street, your greeting should be the same regardless the woman a 19 year old wet dream or a 60 year old grandma . . . “Good morning,” “Good Afternoon,” or similar is a good opener. Be a gentleman, greet others in a friendly manner. Park your “Thug” in your closet and spend a day acting human again. You will find that you will make a score of new friends, not have to fight anybody, and maybe line up a future relationship.

Oh Ladies, I do not care if the sun falls from the sky . . . If you are hot, or even warm and you pass a construction site, you are open game for any crew that can put his lips together and blow a whistle your way. There is never reason to be offended by construction crews whistles and taunts. Everything said, whistled, or suggested is meant to be 100% complimentary and usually all in good fun. Men at construction sites have been showing their appreciation for women since the Flintstone era and such should be the expectation of any women passing by construction sites. When construction workers DO NOT whistle or taunt women passing by, there might be a problem of significant importance to our society that may require immediate attention.

Like I said, I greet people that pass by me. I say; “hello” “Good Morning” “Good Afternoon” and a wide variety of non-offensive greetings. I will hold the door for people. I will even help people that are having difficulty with their groceries or other load they have. I do not treat the “Wet Dream” the “Grandma” or the “Thug” any differently. Everybody gets the same friendly contact  coupled with a friendly smile. Women do not shrink away in fear or disgust of me. Many women will actually stop and talk to me because I do not pose them any threat. Remember my friends, If you are trying to catch a lady’s eye, do something she likes . . .    

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