Uber Driver . . . #8

Effective immediately, I am now an Uber/Lyft Driver, almost. I still have to pass Lyfts Background check which should clear in about a week. Uber says it is okay with them. Lyft says it is okay with them and as I would like to have you as a Rider in my car, it is okay with me if I work with both.

After a simple vehicle inspection and some pictures of myself, my car, and my documents, I took my Welcome ride with Lyft this afternoon. It was a cool ride. My Mentor told me all the pertinent details of the job and answered my questions. I took him for a buzz around my neighborhood, showed him the local Community College and my favorite toy store while dancing through traffic for a few minutes. I have to admit that my Mentor made me feel at ease talking with him.

It appears as though Lyft is more social than Uber is and contract employees like Lyft Drivers interact more than Uber does, but I have no idea if this is a good or bad thing. Thus far my interaction with Uber Staff has pretty much been limited to email contact via Uber Support.

In addition to adding Lyft to my services, I am also adding Side Car and Postmates to our services. Future plans include getting a TCP Number from the Public Utilities Commission which licenses and regulates Limousine Services in the State Of California.

The big news for this week is the ability for Uber Riders to get Uber services at (SFO) San Francisco International Airport in the immediate future. I guess an agreement has been made that will allow UberX to provide airport services at SFO within the next week or so. I know that some of the Airlines support Uber providing such services and I am looking forward to being part of it. I believe Lyft will also be providing services at SFO.

As for Halloween . . . I have never seen so many cats in my life. There were more women dressed as cats in San Francisco than any other costume. Most of them young, sexy, and scantily dressed with cat ears affixed to their heads. I had a red haired gent wearing a bunch of sliced bread on his clothing as a Rider this weekend. He was . . . C’mon, you have to get this . . . He was a Ginger Bread Boy. Everybody that I saw this past weekend appeared to be having a great time and the entire City was “rocking” with parties everywhere. If there was trouble anywhere, I never heard about it. It actually is quite cool that so many people could party in San Francisco and party almost round the clock for almost 3 days without major issues. Party On San Francisco!

BTW, nobody commented at all about my costume this weekend. I went as a middle-aged slightly overweight white guy driving a Uber car. Nobody noticed! Major Fail I guess on my choice of costumes. I knew I should of gone as a Bus Driver . . .

Hey, check the Rider’s section of my site to see if any of my Riders offer any services or have event upcoming that you may be interested in.  Do you provide a service or have an event you would like to tell us about? RBTransportation@outlook.com with details and contact information . . .

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