Surge Pricing . . .

A lot of us drivers are catching flack from Riders about “surge pricing” by the “rideshare” companies. Surge Pricing is the rate multiplication when demands for services leave the subscriber having to pay top dollar for available cars. In fairness to the RideShare companies, subscribers are advised by the “Application” that the rate is going to be increased by whatever the multiplication is at the time. The Rider does not have to continue the ride request and can try another method to reach their destination. Also in the RideShare companies favor . . . When people are attending events and the time necessary to get to their location takes a car from 10 to 30 minutes, time which is unpaid to the company or the driver, and likely similar delay trying to exit the event area, the company loses money.

During the Halloween weekend there was a large party around 22nd and Illinois in the City. People had driven into the City and parked their cars a few blocks away and called the rideshare cars to transport them to and from the event at their personal car location. Drivers were spending close to 20 minutes between traffic driving into the event area and locating their assigned riders. While trying to collect riders drivers were harassed by Police for anything ridiculous enough to be harassed for. I had a Police Officer hollering at me to move along while I had my car in gear, turn signal on, and had pedestrians in the street blocking me from entering traffic so I could depart. The Police Officer said nothing to the pedestrians until I said something to the Police Officer about the pedestrians. My point being that it took me a good deal of time to get in and get out with my fare, and only made a $5.00 to $7.00 per trip. End result is close to an hour for $5.00.

Now I will likely never support a 5x multiplication of a fare, but I support working for free less. People complain that they were charged a certain amount and only traveled 5 to 10 miles. San Francisco is 7 X 7 miles of the longest road in the world. Some days it can take over an hour to go that 7 miles, and heaven forbid if you have to go around a block to return to anywhere. 7 miles at 30 miles per hour is 14 minutes. Add 5 red lights at 3 minutes each and now you have a 29 minute trip. Now add traffic delays of up to 30 minutes and we have a 59 minute trip. Truthfully, I cannot calculate how any of the rideshare companies calculate their rates, but I as a Driver believe I am entitled to earn a living from my investment.  

As it presently stands, the RideShare companies offer the best rates for their standard services, a significant savings over local taxicab rates. In addition, the RideShare companies all offer other service options to save the Rider additional money. Surge pricing is a necessity during times that we are not able to move through the City as fast as normal, or the Drivers lose because it then costs the Driver more to transport you than you are paying. Were it my decision, I would stop at the 3x multiplication level as the higher multiplication levels seem a bit exorbitant, but I have no control, influence, or voice in the matter. I know I enjoy the Riders I meet and hope folks don’t become disenchanted with the rideshare services just because of surge pricing. Regardless surge pricing the RideShare companies are providing a valuable and needed service to the Bay Area that exceeds expectations on  a daily basis. 

All of the RideShare companies are constantly seeking Drivers and Riders. If you are interested in either for any of the RideShare companies, my referral codes appear below:

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I will post the other RideShare services promo codes soon.

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