Man punches shark to save woman

Here’s a good story to start your day . . .

Man punches shark to save woman

Our subject video tells us about a guy who punched a shark in the nose as the shark was trying to make a meal out of a female surfer nearby. It takes balls to jump in the water when you see a shark. It takes MEGA-BALLS to jump in the water with a shark looking for his next meal. I cannot imagine the balls it takes to jump in the water and punch a shark in the nose.

Face it, sharks is some crazy nature’s eating machine that will attack pretty much anything that it thinks is tasty. Not suggesting that sharks will eat anything they see because that is not the case. Most humans that are attacked are mistaken for seals, a favorite meal of most sharks. But, sharks are still one of the most efficient eaters in the wild. And most sharks are just good at being sharks, which is reason enough for me to give them wide berth whenever I spot one. But, our surfer in the subject video did not swim in the other direction as his friend, a female surfer was being placed on the sharks menu for the day. Nope, this guy jumps right in the middle and smacks the shark in the snout, chasing the shark away.

What would you do in such a situation? Run, make noise, or try to get eaten yourself? Never forget, there are lots of ways to die. Some situations just do not seem to offer a happy ending until somebody turns it into one. I tip my hat to the guy punching the shark . . . likely has more balls than 99.9% of the worlds population. 

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