Make Missionary Sex Better | Men’s Health

Listen Up Men . . .

Make Missionary Sex Better | Men’s Health

Face it, some men are just lousy in bed. Sure they can walk the walk, talk the talk, but some just don’t know how to use their cock. The subject video (link above) offers some tips for making the gal you are with enjoy sex with you better.

I do not understand how women can handle being teased and then left unsatisfied. Were I a woman that was left wanting after sex with my other half, the selfish prick better be prepared to do whatever is necessary to get me there before he rolls over to take his nap. That, or he better not mind a sharing thing going on. We men are selfish for the most part but if we truly care for our sex partner we do what is needed to please her in the bedroom.

Now, it is not always the man’s fault that the woman’s satisfaction not achieved. Some women are just difficult to bring to that point. For that hard to satisfy woman I recommend the man use our new SmartPhone Application, “Dial-a-Gigolo.” Use Dial-a-Gigolo works just like your local RideShare SmartPhone Application, promptly delivering a skilled “cocksman” to your door to provide the needed relief for your woman so that you can get the necessary sleep allowing you to get into the office in time to visit that secretary or waitress that you have been doing on the side while your “Old Lady” is doing without. Charges for these services are discreetly charged to your credit card upon satisfaction of your woman. Rates are based on time+orgasms+transportation costs and fantasy inclusions may cost extra. Satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back.

I’m sorry. I really tried to maintain myself as serious when writing this. Really I did. There really is not an application called “Dial-a-Gigolo” that I know of, yet. But given time, and the proper amount of legal challenge, I am sure we can start such as a legal enterprise in the very near future. Applicants for these services are required to be at least 21 years of age, pass a ridged health inspection, and pass a background check to ensure the safety of prospective users. Dial-a-Gigolo handles all financial transactions and takes 20% of all of our Independent Gigolo Contractors earnings. Gigolos working a minimum of 40 hours per week, 4 weeks per month, are able to earn up to $5000.00 per month.

I am sorry, I just cannot help myself. I am sorry if I have offended anyone by this article, but I swear I could not help myself. Regardless my poor sense of humor, the subject video does provide information seriously presented to provide the possibility of sexual satisfaction for the women in your lives.

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