After video airs, former NY state deputy charged –

What fails to be noted in this situation is the rank and length of service of the of the officer . . .

After video airs, former NY state deputy charged –

This Officer is not some “rookey flat foot”. Nope, this officer is apparently a Sergeant with a long period of service as a Law Enforcement Officer based upon the stripes and hash marks worn on his sleeve. A sergeant is a supervisor directly above the standard patrol officer. If the Sergeant treats the citizen like demonstrated in the video, what are the chances that many of his subordinates will also do the same.

I hate to even suggest it, but when taught to do things the right way in a Police Academy but witnessing supervisors do it the wrong but more efficient way of doing something, sometimes the bad is the method chosen. Let’s hope this is not the case for this agency. The biggest failure of Law Enforcement today, is the violation of Citizen’s Constitutional and Civil Rights by Law Enforcement Officers. The problem stems from the upper ranks of the Police Agencies who take the violations of rights as a challenge as if to say, “Let them prove it.” Law Enforcement Administrations do not fear most claims of Rights violations because they know the person most directly impacted likely does not have the financial capabilities to take the violation through the Courts for their complaint to be heard.

Every Law Enforcement Agency in the United States needs to undergo a sort of realignment to train officers that the Constitution is the first set of rules they are to defend, everything else is at least secondary to the Constitution. Next are Civil be protected. Any other law, rule, statute, or other mandate considered enforceable is required to conform to Constitutional and Civil Rights. A Law Enforcement Officer’s violation of the Constitutional or Civil Rights to enforce other laws is a violation of the law in itself and should lead to prosecution of the Officer committing such violation, regardless if under instruction or order of superiors. 

What most of the People do not realize is every Law enforcement Officer, Judge, District Attorney, and many, many others take an Oath to protect and Defend the Rights of the Constitution as part of their employ. Each of these people “swears” to this set of laws above all others, but do they honor this oath? You cannot take an oath to do something and then say “let them prove I violated their Rights” because doing so is a violation of your personal oath that you were  required to make prior to your being accepted to the position held. So, why do we have so many Law Enforcement Officers violating people’s Constitutional Rights?

I will bet that if you were to go on the street and ask any cop you see what law covers illegal drug usage, or auto theft, they could read it off by code, code section, and explanation. Now, ask them any of the Constitutional Rights. And, that is the problem. Every Law Enforcement Agency nation-wide needs realignment and retraining until every Officer that carries or wears a badge understands his/her role in the oath they take relative to the US Constitution, and then let them do their jobs conducive to the Constitution.

Most people do not see the importance of what is said above, and that is a shame. Many of our young adults do not even know what the US Constitution is, why it exists, and the importance it holds for their futures. This failure provides victims for those that choose to violate the Rights this Country was founded upon. Many Cops and other “oath sworn” people have forgotten what the US Constitution is, and it’s importance to their enforcement of the law. This failure provides for criminals to wear badges and think they are doing what they have been empowered to do.

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