hungry people are angry people

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Rich Brunelle

The Honking Goose

Have you ever noticed how cranky your kids get when they are hungry? If my kids are acting unhappy, the first thing I will try to do is feed them. That fixes the problem about 90% of the time. (That shows you how good my kids have it – they usually don’t have any good reason to be upset.)

red angry worm with sharp teeth holding fork and knife

I am the same way. If I’m especially grumpy for no good reason, it’s probably because I was busy and skipped a meal. Because I have dealt with it so many times with my kids, I finally noticed that I would do the exact same thing.

Which leads me to my conclusion that angry people are hungry people.

There are millions of people in this country alone that eat a totally crap diet of over-processed pseudo-food laden with artificial flavors, sugar, and corn or soy fillers. Food that is remarkably devoid…

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