The Definitive List Of Uber Horror Stories – The Daily Beast

Even with these noted negative situations noted, Uber still less incidents than Law Enforcement Agencies . . .

The Definitive List Of Uber Horror Stories – The Daily Beast

The problem with  presenting such a list, is it makes readers believe that these kinds of incidents are commonplace rather than a very low percentage. You have to understand that Uber is a very large business. Uber is an International Corporation that employs thousands of people internally and contracts thousands of Independent Drivers. I have no clue the actual number of drivers that are contracted to Uber world-wide, but I will bet it a fairly large number.

Compare Uber’s incident rates against any other business incident rates . . . How many Law Enforcement officers violate citizens Constitutional Rights vs. Uber incidents? How many crimes committed by Taxi Drivers vs. Uber incidents? How many acts of malpractice by Doctors vs. Uber incidents? Responsible Journalist do not present information that does not speak to the reality of the situation, and the reality in this situation is that in comparison Uber has had very few incidents.

So why are Journalists beating on Uber? Uber’s CEO is an idiot. For more reasons than one. But in this situation, it is because the Uber CEO made a statement about digging up dirt on a Journalist that was outspoken about Uber’s exploitation of female drivers overseas. I stand behind the Journalists opinions relative to the female drivers overseas, but that is overseas where they do not follow the same rules as in America. There are a lot of countries that do not operate using the same rule book as America. Who are we to impose our rules upon these other countries?

If the Journalist was really concerned about Uber’s lack of proper conduct, why not report on Uber’s use of a rating system in which people that do not have the capabilities, a driver’s license, do not own a vehicle, and/or have never driven in a major city are able to rate an Uber Driver poorly causing the termination of the Driver. This gets better . . . Anybody riding Uber can rate their Driver. Rival rideshare personnel, Taxi Company personnel, or anyone that has an axe to grind with Uber can rate a Driver negatively regardless the Driver performance. It gets better still . . . There is no requirement of sobriety to rate an Uber Driver either. So any person intoxicated that is too drunk to walk, still can rate an Uber Driver without the realization that any difficulty the driver may have had during the trip was probably the due to distraction created by the Rider. Not done yet, get’s better yet . . . Uber Divers get terminated for their Driver Rating dropping below acceptable levels. That is the reason given. There is no actual complaint or specific reason given, just your rates fell, see ya! Okay, just one more it get’s better . . . There is nothing an Uber Driver can do about it.

I could add other things that may interest Journalists relative to Uber, such as this stupid price war that is costing the Driver’s more than they can afford to lose. Or, discuss Uber’s “set you up to fail Auto Purchase Program, but that would mean that I would be distracting Journalist from getting pissed because Uber’s CEO an idiot. But, if Uber’s CEO is the one at fault, why do Journalists find it necessary to attack the Uber Drivers.  As far as I’m concerned, you want to cook the Uber CEO Goose, pluck his feathers, but do not ruffle mine.

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