Marijuana should be federally legal (Opinion) –

Marijuana legalization demonstrates how ridiculous and harmful our government to be to itself. . .

Marijuana should be federally legal (Opinion) –

Our subject story discusses why our government should quit messing around and legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational use and I tend to agree completely with the writers coverage of the topic. Our government has used marijuana against the people of this country for far too long, lied to us about the impact of it’s use, hindered research into research, and destroyed many lives by it’s prohibition.

First, it comes down to what you know to be true. Anybody born in the “50’s” or “60’s” that smoked marijuana back then and maybe still does so now, can tell you that 9/10’s of the crap said against marijuana is just that, crap. Marijuana is not addictive, although can become a bad habit that borders on addiction for some. Marijuana does not turn users into violent lunatics that seek innocent people to harm in frustration of life as alcohol does. And, marijuana does not create zombies that feed upon the meat of others. What marijuana does do, in it’s worst situation is make the lazy more lazy, and that is relative few

For over 45 years our War On Drugs has used marijuana as it’s target while building an arsenal of Police State, and incarcerating thousands and thousands of people for a victimless crime based on lies and falsehoods created by political leaders long since passed from their service to government. Taxation spent by our government for the War On Drugs has been a waste of time and money. To have expended so much money over the past 40 plus years without seeking different way to resolve the issue is a crime of much more severe magnitude and The People should seek legal action against the Government for allowing such waste to continue for so long a time. For this same period of time our Government has done little but participate in a campaign of negligence relevant to research of marijuana that fed the US with false misleading information about the medical use of marijuana and hindering US scientists from doing research while foreign countries were able to perform the research that determined numerous medical uses for marijuana. Americans that could of benefitted from the use of medical marijuana were denied such benefit due to this negligence. It number of Americans that could have benefitted from the use of medical marijuana during this time period is unknown, but believed to be many.

For over 45 years the prohibition of marijuana has led to the arrest of hundreds of thousands American citizens and the subsequent criminal history destroyed opportunities for both their growth and loss of what benefit these people may have provided us as a nation. Today, we still arrest and prosecute people for growing, transporting, selling, and using marijuana against the will of the American People and certain States still prohibit medical use of marijuana. This is nothing less than government creating their own criminal acts which they should all be held accountable for.

The Cartel Wars along US southern borders are in response to the US prohibition of drugs. The Cartels themselves we formed because of the War On Drugs. This prohibition is not for border countries, but for America. We are responsible for all of the violence and deaths along the southern border. Were I  a citizen of any of the affected countries and lost a family member to this violence, I would take the US to Court and make the US take responsibility for this violence and require the US fix the problems created by the US War On Drugs.

The only reason not to immediately legalize use of marijuana is ignorance. The benefits of marijuana far exceed any of the negatives related to the product. Legalization would immediately put an end to the violence, create significant employment, taxation, and numerous support services growth. There are other benefits to be realized should marijuana be legalized. The most significant being the stopping of Law Enforcement and the Courts arrest and prosecution of people for this victimless non-violent crime and release of many from current incarceration. 

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