Holyoke is already taking a stand on immigration | WWLP.com

The reason I note the subject story is not for the information provided by the story, but for the ignorance and racism demonstrated subsequent to the story

Holyoke is already taking a stand on immigration | WWLP.com

After you finish reading what I have to say on this topic, click on the link above and scroll down to the comments following the story. Are we really this ignorant? Are we really this racist? Can nobody see the benefits to giving the “illegals” presently within our borders an opportunity to become legal?

  1. A primary benefit is that those not criminal will come forward, leaving those criminal behind.
  2. A secondary benefit is that most of those that fit the criteria for this program are already employed and some do not pay taxes as they do not understand they can even if illegal. These people will subsequently become lawful tax paying citizens. Those not presently employed will have the opportunity to acquire tax paying employment without fear of being arrested by Immigration.
  3. Those added as lawful tax payers will not be a continued drain of tax dollars without paying taxes.
  4. Those allowed to participate in the “Legalization” program will be less likely to participate in unlawful activities for fear of being removed from the program.
  5. Those immigrants that came to America in hopes of providing for and enjoying a future for their family that have been unable to do so, will have such opportunity.

Most people do not understand the present status of these immigrants. Most believe these people are all ghetto dwelling, law breaking, criminals, bleeding off of American tax dollars. But, if you look in any US neighborhood and you will likely find at least one family that is living right under your nose, that is raising a family, working a full time job, and trying to live the American Dream. He has children enrolled in school, drives a nice car, and has become a recognized part of the neighborhood. But, he may be the only legal immigrant in the household. His wife, children, other family members may all be illegals. They are good people. They are your neighbors. They are likely your friends.

Now my interest in this story as I said, was not so much the story but the ignorance and racism demonstrated in the “comments” following the story. It is quite clear that most of these people do not have a clue of what “immigration reform” is all about. And obviously few realize that not too many generations past, their family was immigrant to the US.

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