Has it become more important to make a martyr out of criminals than to admit their failings? Or, is it easier to destroy White Police Officers, than to admit our children are acting like thugs and criminals? Regardless the case, this is not a time to be a White Police Officer.

Nearly every other day you hear about another White Officer vs. Black Youth shooting, why? Do you mean to suggest that in every one of these incidents, the White Cop is wrong? Has every White Police Officer in this country decided that they want to kill a young Black man? Is there a White conspiracy to execute the Black man that we do not know about?

I would not be a police officer any place in the US were I a White man today. The chances are, you could shoot a Black man that was attempting to kill a Black child in front of witnesses, and have no choice but to kill the Black man to save the child’s life, and still you would be accused of murder with subsequent riots and destruction to follow. The following media circus would ensure the end of your career in Law Enforcement regardless how good an Officer you are. Fear of reprisal by acts against your family would ensure your divorce and loss of family as your children would not be able to even attend school without fear of violence from others because of their relation to you. Your life as you know it would be gone. When the Courts and the Public were done with you, there would be nothing left but the need to find a safe place where nobody recognizes you or your name.

That is what being a White Police Officer is in today’s America. It does not matter if you are wrong or right, only that he is Black and you are White. This in itself presents the need to question why? But bigger than this question why is the question of the flip side of this situation, why are young Black men putting themselves in such situations? What makes young Black men choose to not comply with law enforcement? Why are young Black men choosing to risk their lives by confronting White Police Officers? Are young Black men committing suicide using White officers as their method in doing so. Is there a Black conspiracy we know nothing about?

I DO NOT know the answers to any of these questions. I do however believe we have to look deeper than the incidents to find a cause for these incidents. Something is wrong. Be it racial, be it economics, be it whatever it may be, there is something very wrong in our society today. Far too often America’s communities are being torn asunder by these situations with no true definitive answer as to why. There must be reason. There must be cause. There must be a fix for this situation.

Do we need to stop hiring White police officers? Should we only assign Black policemen to Black neighborhoods? Should we segregate our populace so that Blacks and Whites do not have to interact with each other? I know I am being ridiculous, but how do we solve this? I do know one thing, being a White Police Officer today is not worth any amount of money they can pay, not worth the lives you may save, and not worth any difference you may make in the community. There simply is nothing they could give me to live in fear that as a policeman my life could be destroyed regardless of wrong or right, and based solely on his being Black and my being White.

( I apologize if this article is offensive to anyone. But regardless the opinions, somebody needs to ask the questions and encourage others to question the reasons why. I do believe one of the first things that need be considered is some sort of new “less than lethal weapon” for law enforcement to use for defense, but that has little to do with the reasons for today’s issues.)  


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