MoveOn Petitions – President Obama and US Attorney General Holder: Secure justice for Mike Brown


MoveOn Petitions – President Obama and US Attorney General Holder: Secure justice for Mike Brown

There is a lot of controversy about the Michael Brown shooting by police 3 months ago. The recent Grand Jury decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson has led to the destruction of a significant portion of Ferguson, Ill. Now, we have a petition to try to sway the Government to further seek prosecution of Officer Darren Wilson. I know my decision is not the popular choice but, no I will not sign this petition.

It is not that I believe Michael Brown deserved to die. It is not that I believe Officer Wilson had no other choice but to kill Michael Brown. It is simply that I believe Michael Brown is as guilty in this situation as anybody else. Evidence proves that Michael Brown was shot first while fighting Officer Wilson while Wilson was still seated in his patrol car. According to the information made available to the public Brown was trying to take Officer Wilson’s gun from him during the fight in the patrol car. Here is where I have difficulty in supporting Michael Brown in this matter.

Michael Brown is a big man, larger than most men his age. He is also a young Black man, just 18 years old. What makes an 18 year old Black man decide to reach inside a patrol car and attack a White Police Officer in broad daylight, in front of witnesses? What did he think the end result of his actions was going to be? He had to know that at the very least he would be arrested and prosecuted for the attack on Officer Wilson. So, what did he intend to do by his actions?

I believe there is an underlying issue here that we are all missing. I do not believe Officer Wilson wanted to kill Michael Brown any more than Michael Brown wanted to die. And, for that reason alone, I believe no justice will be served by attempting to further prosecute Officer Wilson for doing his job as trained to do. I think the best way to serve justice is to recognize that both Michael Brown and Officer Wilson may be victims of a much larger issue. Why? Because I cannot understand why a young Black man would intentionally put himself in a situation of which he had no possibility of winning. No matter what Michael Brown did subsequent to the physical altercation with Officer Wilson inside the patrol car, Michael Brown was going to lose. There simply is no possible good outcome of the situation for Michael Brown. Even if Michael Brown immediately surrendered and apologized to Officer Wilson, things would have been bad for Michael Brown.

When Michael Brown pulled himself out from the window during the fight in the patrol car with Officer Wilson, he had already been shot. At the same time Officer Wilson has been beat significantly by Brown. And, I think the question that need answered is why Michael Brown put himself in this situation? This is the reason Michael Brown is dead. Michael Brown is not dead because Officer Wilson wanted to kill him. Michael Brown is not dead because he wanted to be shot by Officer Wilson. Michael Brown is dead because he chose to fight with Officer Wilson for some reason. And this reason is why both Brown and Wilson are victims in this situation.

More and more we see young Black men that are un-necessarily putting themselves in front of a Policeman’s firearm, when they do not have to. Why? Is there some benefit to becoming a statistic of police shootings? Brown did not have to be in this situation, so what is the reason he was placed in this situation? Somebody tell me why Brown ran afoul of the law in the first place. Even if he was arrested for the Liquor Store incident, it was small time. So why did he attack Wilson who was seated in his patrol car and try to takes Wilson’s gun? Unless you are telling me that Brown suffered from mental problem, Brown had to realize what he was doing was all bad. So, why did he do it? Why did Michael Brown put himself directly in the crosshairs of a police firearm? This is where the crime is. I am not saying Michael Brown is even guilty of wrong-doing at this stage. I am also not saying Officer Wilson guilty of wrong-doing at this point.

What I am saying is we need to ascertain why Michael Brown chose to fight with Officer Wilson, because we know why Officer Wilson found it necessary to shoot Michael Brown. Brown had already put a hurt on Wilson and Wilson was not sure he would come out of it alive in continued combat against Brown. Regardless your belief, this is what makes Wilson’s acts justified. And as much as you want to prosecute Wilson for Brown’s death, what you may believe Brown’s attempt to surrender, in Wilson’s eyes may have appeared to be further attack by Brown. Neither you nor I can say for sure what Michael Brown’s intentions were. Sure his hands were raised. But, were they raised in surrender or with intent to attack Wilson?

Is it normal for an 18 year old Black man to attack a White Police Officer? Find out the reason that Brown chose to do so . . . Then fix the problem. Trying to make Officer Wilson hang for this situation will not resolve the issue, it will not fix the real problem. It is our responsibility to fix the problem. There is a reason that this incident took place. That reason is why Brown and Wilson were placed in this situation. That reason is the criminal you want to pay for Michaels Brown’s death. 

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