Is This Why Michael Brown Was Killed?


I know my opinion is going to likely make me very unpopular, but something has bothered me ever since the beginning of this case. Sure there is a possibility that Michael Brown’s death could have been avoided. But, none of us was there having to deal with the confrontation of Michael Brown except Officer Wilson who had already been seriously beaten by Brown while seated in his patrol car.

If you watch the following video of Michael Brown robbing products from a local convenience store a short while prior to his interaction with Officer Wilson you have to note a couple of things. Michael Brown was demonstrating a very hostile and aggressive attitude and basically just bullying his way around doing as he damn well pleased. When the store clerk attempted to stop Brown from leaving the store without paying for the merchandise, Brown physically shoved the clerk away and then just walked out of the store. 


A very aggressive and violent Michael Brown just minutes prior to being stopped by Officer Wilson.

A few minutes later Officer Wilson stops Brown and another person for an unrelated reason as Officer Wilson has not yet been advised of the convenience store incident. What happens? Michael Brown chooses to fight with Officer Wilson while the officer is still seated in his patrol car. During the attack Brown tries to take Wilson’s firearm from Wilson’s holster and Brown is subsequently shot while fighting the officer through the open window of the patrol car. Brown was shot while inside the patrol car. It should also be noted that no attempt to stop Brown from his misconduct was made by the persons in the store or walking with him when they met Officer Wilson.

Now, I want you to look at the video again. Look at the aggressive and violent conduct of Michael Brown. Is it possible that Michael Brown used that same aggression towards Officer Wilson? Although only 18 years of age, Brown is an exceptionally large man, and by the aforementioned video, quite a violent young man with a blatant disregard for the law and/or others.

What would make Michael Brown believe that robbing a convenience store and then attacking a policeman minutes later was acceptable conduct? Is this why Michael Brown was killed? Was Michael Brown killed because he chose to bully his way around in blatant disregard for the law and those he attacked? The person responsible for Michael Brown’s death is the person that led Michael Brown to believe that it was acceptable for him to bully his way through and attack those that got in his way.

Speculation of others would lead you to believe that Michael Brown had raised his hands in surrender, but to Officer Wilson who had just been beaten by Brown it likely appeared to him as though Brown had his hands raised in aggression to further batter him. Wilson responded to the threat of further violence by Brown as necessary for his own safety. Even if Brown was attempting to surrender, if that was not what Officer Wilson perceived, Wilson had to act on his perception of the incident. That is what he is trained to do.

Now this is a very unfortunate incident. But, whom is really responsible for this incident? I would suggest that the person that made Michael Brown believe his conduct was acceptable as the person responsible for Michael Brown’s death.  

2 thoughts on “Is This Why Michael Brown Was Killed?

  1. Wow. It’s rather eye-opening seeing that video..
    It’s always important to consider things from all sides, and I think you’ve done that. Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but it could also be the correct one.

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    • It is still a bad situation all the way around. An 18 year old man is dead, a cop’s life is destroyed. Ferguson, Ill is destroyed and not one single thing done to change the actual problem. Young Black men will likely continue to put themselves on the wrong end of a firearm, and nobody is concerned as to the reason why. I do not know what is worse, not being concerned about the real issue or not caring to fix the problem.

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