Twas The Day After Thanksgiving . . .

89193Twas the day after Thanksgiving and throughout the land was the force of the living

They call it Black Friday, not relative to race or religion, but the day of the Shopper

Worse than a Christmas with a Santa alcoholic, Black Friday, calls to the true Shopaholic

Some standing there long before the locks release the doors, women and men at the starting gate anxious for the store floors.

By the end of the day it will appear as barbaric as pro football, when grown adults participate with elbows blocking to snatch the ball away from others.

Long lines at every cashier, parking lots fill to the max, thieves a many seeking to jack,

Black Friday shopping is like a jungle out there, But the best prices are always the cheer

Come join the craziness, it only happens once a year.

(Wouldn’t ya know it, I ain’t no poet!)

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