Grace: Wilson’s story doesn’t add up

Nothing pisses me off more than listening to this loud mouthed screeching bag of wind armchair quarterback an incident that she has not got a frigging clue of.

Grace: Wilson’s story doesn’t add up

Nancy Grace is probably the most two-faced sensationalizing media presence on the news today. Rush Limbaugh cannot touch Nancy Grace for picking shit apart to make something stupid a reality. Tell me Nancy, when was the last time you presented anything to the public that was not sensational bullshit? When was the last time you used ethics in opening your mouth.

One thing that Nancy Grace and a whole bunch of folks seem to forget is what Michael Brown was doing when the incident between Brown and Officer Wilson occurred. Officer Wilson had no idea that Brown had just bullied his way through a robbery of a local store. Brown did have a weapon and used it against the store clerk moments prior to Officer Wilson’s interaction with him. Brown was a “Football Player” sized 18 year old man that bullied and intimidated others without need for a gun, knife, or other weapon. Watch the store video. Ask the store clerk. Brown thought he was a thug that could take what he wanted by force from others. He did not need additional weapon, he was weapon enough.

Everybody is acting like Michael Brown was a saint that did nothing wrong to find himself dead from a policeman’s bullet. Bullshit! Brown was a Bully, that by force and intimidation stole from a local store and then when he encountered a policeman moments later, tried to intimidate and bully a cop without concern for the consequences of his actions. Brown did not have to do any of the violence he did that day, he chose to create the violence. None of this incident was by creation of anybody but Michael Brown.

I am sorry the kid is dead, really I am. But, he was the cause of it. Nobody told him to go out and bully his way across town. He chose to. And while half the Country is acting like Brown is a victim of a White Cop, nobody sees the reality that Michael Brown is the victim of Michael Brown.

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