5 Things Successful People Do That Others Don’t | OPEN Forum

Here’s an interesting approach to success . . .fail

5 Things Successful People Do That Others Don’t | OPEN Forum

Our subject story discusses 5 things that successful people do. Let’s take a moment to step through them:

  1. They Go to Work to Prosper, Not Just to Work:
    1. I must admit that I fit the unsuccessful in this topic. Often I go to work just to put forth the necessary effort into which I believe a losing proposition. But, once in a while the cards just seem to fall in place for a really decent day. Perhaps I need rethink my position on this.
  2. They Exercise Incredible Drive:
    1. I try to put forth this drive, often finding myself frustrated by failed result I can see where I have failed to maintain this drive and where it has allowed my failing. Another rethink necessary.
  3. They Never Make Excuses:
    1. I am a shit-pot full of excuses. For every failure, for every bump in the road, for every hiccup . . . I have an excuse. I have so many ready excuses that I do not even think of them anymore, I just say them and believe them true.
  4. They Focus on Their Goals Daily:
    1. I focus on my excuses for failure daily. You know what I mean. I look at all the obstacles rather than set my sites on the target desired. Okay, another rethink.
  5. They Are Willing to Fail:
    1. I do not know how I lost this perspective, because I have always believed this to be true. Success comes from failure and the ability to learn from it, grow from it, and build upon it. I spend a lot of time playing within my failures lately. I do not know how I got here, but this also needs rethinking.

What we have here is a blatant disregard for success, as demonstrated by myself. As I said, I do not know how I got here by some rethought and personal restructuring is necessary apparently. How about some of you other “Losers” out there? Did you fall off the “success” wagon and need to climb back up to it? Me thinks me is more the problem than the solution to my concerns at present. Yep, a little rework of myself is in order. See what happens as you get old . . .

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