Be friendly: Loneliness isn’t worth it

People today just are not friendly . . .

Be friendly: Loneliness isn’t worth it

friendly3I guess saying that people today just are not friendly is actually a pretty poor thing to say about our fellow man, but looking back, today folks just are not friendly. How can I even suggest such a thing. Today is the age of the social media. Everybody is “like” ing everybody.

We have expanded our social parameters to accept those that we have never actually met, interact, and treat them as friends. We’ve even learned to treat them a enemies. We shout, curse, and un”like” people with the click of a mouse. But, have we forgotten how to be friendly face to face?

As a youngster I learned to be friendly to strangers, to greet those I passed on the street, and to acknowledge others known and unknown. It simply wasfriendly2 impolite to not give some sort of greeting as you approached others. Today, most people do not even look up to see whom they are passing or approaching as they walk along the streets. I will accept that some people are simply anti-social. Others may be having a bad day or they are afraid of others. Heck, some people look so mean or scary that you might not want to even consider saying anything to them.

To this very day, most often if I were to pass you on the street or meet you at a doorway, I will likely say hello or give a friendly greeting of a sort. I just cannot help it, I was raised this way. I’ll admit that on occasion I get some pretty strange looks from folks.I have even met potential sexual partners. They easily identify their interest with a scowl while saying “F you.”  And, quite often I am not even acknowledged at all. But the facts are, we are a social society. If you do not keep yourself open to making  friendly with those you share the planet with, you are going to be real lonely throughout your life.

friendly1Try a little friendliness, a little less bullshit, and add a smile every so often. You might even find someone as friendly as you. We all need others, although we deny such without a moments hesitation.  The need for social interaction is real for any society that desires to grow and flourish. So, go be friendly to someone today!

(NOTE: Please use caution when interacting with those you do not know, there are a lot of creeps out there and scores of assholes just looking to take advantage. If you suddenly hear warning bells going off in your head . . . leave. Just politely smile and continue on your way.)

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