Instead of tickets, cops hand out …

At a time when we all are recognizing the mistakes, abuses, and fails of our Law Enforcement Officers, maybe we also need to consider all the good they do.

Instead of tickets, cops hand out …

I am not saying that Law Enforcement has not had a rough year this year as far as popularity goes, because they have definitely had better years in the past. But recentchristmaself4 incidents seem to place a storm cloud above the heads of all of Law Enforcement. Is anybody making note of any of the good things Law Enforcement has been doing at the same time? Because every day at least one cop has done something notable as good somewhere in this world. I am not saying that thousands of cops haven’t done something good today and every day, I just think we need acknowledge such periodically.

Snowman1Our subject video shows a group of cops pranking local citizens to give them free Christmas gifts. It is interesting to watch with some amusing moments, but no matter what a cool thing to do. Every year all sorts of people give their time, their energy, and their money in hopes of helping others enjoy the Holiday Season. Police Departments, Fire Departments, Motorcycle Gangs, Churches, Hospitals, Grocery Stores, and lots of others I have failed to list collect toys, food, money, and other necessities for distribution to the less fortunate among us.

In your day-to-day activities, if you happen upon any of these volunteer “elves” consider giving them a “Thank You” and a smile for their effort. If ever there has been a time when a simple thank you and a smile would mean as much as it would today, I haven’t knowledge of it. Please DO NOT forget our Military,send them a little appreciation and love if the opportunity presents itself.

4 thoughts on “Instead of tickets, cops hand out …

  1. There is an Amazing amount of good if we choose to see our world through this lens. Create an amazing adventure within your world ☺


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