Video: Protester punches NYPD officer

This is how you can tell that these demonstrators are just full of shit.

Video: Protester punches NYPD officer

Watch the video. You will notice two things. Demonstrators are trying to promote violence with police in order to create further incident. And, there is a White Punk right up in front showing how big of a man he truly is. Watch this punk reach out and sucker punch an older cop and then piss all over himself running away . . .

Something many of you may not have considered: Eric Garner simply could have avoided the entire incident had he just surrendered and allowed the officer to handcuff him and later filed a lawsuit for “false arrest” and walked away with fat cash in his pocket. Instead, HE MADE A DECISION to resist arrest. That was his decision. Nobody told Garner to resist, he made that decision all on his own.

Do you really think that cop intended to kill Garner? Are you really that stupid? Of course he did not intend to kill Garner. The cop was merely trying to do his job and because of Garner’s decision to resist arrest the cop’s life has been destroyed as he is now a target for every idiot that doesn’t know right from wrong. The cop likely has planned a career in Law Enforcement with hopes of success in such career. But, because Garner made his fucked up decision to resist now the cop’s whole future in law enforcement is lost.

Do you wonder about the cop’s feelings. Is Garner’s death causing him nightmares? Is Garner’s death such a heavy weight on his mind that he is turning to alcohol or drugs. The cop probably cannot even leave the safety of his own home for fear of violence from others that are of the misguided belief he is a murderer. No cop wants to kill anyone, not even a criminal. But, sometime it happens. This time it happened because Garner made the decision to resist.

What of Garner? Garner was not some youngster playing bad to look cool. Garner had already been arrested 30 times, he knew the routine and knew it well. Garner had no doubt that he was going to be taken into custody regardless his resistance or not. So, why did he choose to resist? The smart man does not resist w3hen he knows he cannot win by resisting. He seeks another in which to move forward.

Now, do I believe the situation avoidable by police? Yes! But, I do not know if the laws in the State or the Departmental Policy would allow it otherwise. Were I to have been the arresting officer, I would not have even bothered to take him into custody. I simply would have “cited” Garner making him responsible to appear before the Court to answer to the charges made against him. If Garner failed to appear, financial penalties would sooner or later have caused Garner to make his way to the Court or the warrant for “failure to appear” would make his freedom questionable enough to cause him discomfort. Truthfully, the path of least resistance is always the best.

Now, the bullshit of tearing up the community over Garner’s lack of good decision making is ridiculous. And that punk sucker punching the cop needs to be grabbed up by his fellow demonstrators before he creates a situation that gets others hurt, what an asshole!

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