Eric Garner case: Cop ‘model officer,’ supporters say –

Why should a good cop lose his career for doing his job?

Eric Garner case: Cop ‘model officer,’ supporters say –

Amid all the controversy surrounding the death of Eric Garner, the public has decided the officer involved should lose his career, his livelihood, and his future for doing his job. The Police Department describes the officer as a “model officer” and supports the officer’s actions. What if this officer is actually a model officer? What would the community lose if this officer was lost from the department?

You see, everybody is so quick to convict in our Court of Social Media that much of the truth and reality in many situations seems to be forgotten or never discussed. It is a shame that this situation was the cause of Eric Garner’s death, but Garner was no saint. Garner played a very significant role in his own death. All Garner had to do was submit to be arrested. Then if the arrest bad, Garner sue the crap out of the Police Department and take home phat bank for his troubles. Garner knew better than to resist arrest. You cannot tell me even for a moment that Garner believed the police would not take him down if he resisted. Garner had been arrested approximately 30 times, he knew exactly what would happen, and he knew he would likely get hurt. Garner made the decision to resist. He made that decision. The police had no desire to wrestle Garner to the ground to arrest him. The cop did his job. Had Garner of accepted his responsibility and cooperated he would be alive today with money in his pocket if the arrest bad. He made the wrong decision.

The officer that is accused of intentionally killing Garner had no intent to kill Garner.  Do you really believe that every White cop in America goes to work every day with the intent to kill a Black man? Then you my friend are an idiot. For that matter, do you really believe that more Black people are killed by police than the other races? Show me the statistics that support your belief. To date, there has been no such data compiled that supports such belief. What this situation reveals is that both the uneducated and the educated in America are sheep that will follow damn near anybody crying about anything. How many supporters of the belief that more Blacks are killed than the other races has actually researched the facts. And the fact are that there has been no data compiled that demonstrates such, nor has data been compiled that demonstrates the actual total amount of people killed by police for any time period. I am not saying that there are less Black people killed than the other races. I am simply saying that there has been no true compilation of data to support such belief. Neither has there been any outcry for justice in the killings by police of other races. I ask myself why this is the case, and cannot find adequate reason.

If you want to get behind situations that police failure led to the death of a Black person, then get behind Tamir Rice the 12 year old that got shot by police because the dispatcher failed to tell officers that he likely had a toy gun. Or, get behind John Crawford who had a pellet rifle in his hands while inside a Walmart that sells the rifle and was killed by police. These are just causes. These are incidents that were common sense and possibly proper police procedure followed both these men would be alive. Just ask Andrew Hawkins of the Cleveland Browns, he sees the difference and understands what I am saying. At least I believe he does.

The facts are that Eric Garner’s death could have been easily avoided if Departmental Policy allowed he be cited rather than taken into custody. The officer could have just written Garner a citation with a promise to appear in Court to answer to the charges against him, no fight, no resistance, no death. But, that would only be possible were Departmental Policy and the laws allow for such. Have you ever failed to appear in Court when you have been cited by an officer? Trust me, the financial loss coupled with the the possibility of additional charges is sufficient reason for those cited to make their appearance in Court. Eventually this becomes a warrant for “failure to appear” in which you know the police are going to arrest you as soon as they come into contact with you.

My point is, why are we trying to destroy a cop for doing his job. I mean, I am sorry Eric Garner is dead. And yes, I believe the situation could have been handled differently. But, neither you nor I was the cop in this situation. Neither you nor I was Eric Garner in this situation. There is one truth in this and similar situations . . . Comply with the officers and stay alive to fight them in Court. The cop cannot find you guilty of committing a crime, you cannot find the cop guilty for an illegal arrest. The Court can make these findings, so stay alive for your day in Court.

Now this model officer which likely values human life has already got to live with the death of Eric Gardner in his head for the rest of his life. Do you not believe this in itself is a sentence that he will have to serve for the rest of his life? I can tell you for a fact that not all men can kill without it haunting them for the rest of their lives. Many men suppress these feelings with alcohol and/or drugs, but most men do feel it. Yes, even those tough guy thugs feel it at some point in their lives. The officer did not intend to kill Eric Garner so he was just trying to take Garner into custody because Garner chose to resist. So, leave a good cop be. There are real “bad” cops out there that need to be caught in the wrong-doing they are doing. DO NOT sacrifice a good cop without doing the research to ascertain if the allegations against him are true.

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