Family of man killed in BB gun case sues cops, Walmart –

This is a case that should be an outrage to the people of color in the United States . . . But, it gets little if any attention.

Family of man killed in BB gun case sues cops, Walmart –

Walmart sells guns, or did. I am not sure if they still do or not. Regardless, Walmart still sells BB and Pellet Rifles.  So, why would a cop even consider a person holding a BB/Pellet Rifle a threat? Because some idiot decided to make a 911 call saying there was a person inside Walmart carrying a gun, pointing it at people, and  a perceived threat. Did anybody even consider the possibility the man was going to buy the gun?

Ideally, the gun should have been in packaging demonstrative of a new retail product. This report says this gun was unpackaged on the shelf for at least 2 days. Realistically the police should have made contact with the store to ascertain if there was actually a problem, or not. For police to just enter the store without determining the extent of the threat to the public was ridiculous. What if it had been a real threat to the public, with a real gun? He would have likely been waiting for a police presence and then started shooting everybody. Do you really believe that some nut case with a gun is going to enter a store with intent to do harm without being ready for police to arrive? Do you really think he would just be casually talking on a cell phone with the gun pointed towards the ground? No, he would have been aware of a possible police presence. He likely would have been aware and would have started shooting stuff up right about the time cops arrived.

So, why isn’t the nation enraged by this incident rather than the Garner or Brown incidents? For that matter, why is the nation only enraged about Blacks being killed by police? Do you not think other races get killed by police? Do you not think Whites are killed by police? The facts are, lots of White people get killed by police but statistics do not yet demonstrate the percentages of those killed by race. There are some papers prepared that demonstrate partial data that actually shows more Whites are being killed than Blacks in 2013. But the truth is, adequate research into this information has not yet been completed.

Currently, the Race Machine is controlling America. It does not matter if more Blacks are killed than Whites, whether the person a victim or a criminal, or that only one race is being represented by the outrage and protests across America. Racists are in control of the situation, and America is following like sheep. Nobody, not a single soul is actually doing research to see if this a race motivated situation, or not. If any research were being done this would not be a race issue, but likely an economics issue. People do not understand that the reason it looks as though White America gets away with the same crimes that Blacks get arrested for is probably more an economics situation than anything else. Do you think a White man that can afford a decent attorney is going to jail before a Black man that has to rely on a Public Defender? Lower income neighborhoods are becoming a mixed race neighborhood presently. Whites are treated just as poorly as the other races in these neighborhoods. The negligence of Black Leaders to allow this become a racial situation less supportive data is disgraceful. White Politicians jumping on the band-wagon without doing true research into the situation should be considered criminal.

People need to get the facts, not the bullshit fed by idiots on the street. People need to do a few minutes research and understand this is not a Black issue, this is an All Race issue. Are cops killing people they do not have to kill? Yes! Are they all Black? No! Then kick the racists out of the camp and join together to fight the issue to it’s resolve. The Racists of America use this and other situations to fuel  racial fires that do not exist, creating continuing racism intentionally so they can retain the power the public gives them. If they truly wanted to represent racial strife, wouldn’t they at least do the research necessary to support their contention. And, won’t you feel like an idiot when you later learn that the lies they are telling you was your justification for the negligence, violence, and destruction you caused as you followed them?

2 thoughts on “Family of man killed in BB gun case sues cops, Walmart –

  1. Excellent post. Bad cops are out of control and getting away with murder, that young man did not have to die, you made an excellent point. What about that little 12 year old boy who was playing with a gun and got killed?? What is happening is heartbreaking……


    • And that case is another that just pisses me off. Why are people rallying behind Brown and Garner when the 12 year old and the Walmart guy are valid reasons for issue without any criminal conduct involved.


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