HTF–No Spare What!!!

How do you spend 25 to 30k on a car, and it not come with a fully functional spare tire? Seriously! Where is my spare tire? I have a spare tire compartment in my trunk, but it is empty. Wait, it is not empty. There is a little rectangular bag about the size of a school lunch box in the compartment. Maybe this is my jack and tire tools. Holy shit! This is a air-pump with a thing of “fix-a-flat” and nothing else. No tire tools, no jack, and no spare tire.

Okay, I will play along. I will try their method. I put it all together and plug it in to my cigarette style plug in the car and then go out to the pump and turn it on. Well, I’ll be damned the tire is inflating. Shit, wait a minute. The damage to the tire is on the sidewall. Oh, the pump and fix a flat won’t work on sidewalls. Maybe I can find a tow service that can replace the tire. Damn, no luck. It would have been possible had I needed a 13, 14, or 15 inch tire, but since my brand new KIA Optima uses 255R-17’s  apparently I am screwed. I will have to wait until tomorrow when I can get a local tire shop to replace the tire.


Now I love my KIA Optima, but what kind of Auto Manufacturer/Dealership let’s a customer leave with the purchase of a new car without an adequate means of dealing with a flat tire? It amazes me that they would not consider that they have sold a car with a non-standard tire in one of the busiest areas of the world, without the means of replacing such tire should need arise.

Thus, I sit in my “Flat-tired KIA Optima in front of the local tire store which the tow service left me subsequent to picking me up from the freeway where I was originally disabled. Not that the neighborhood is truly bad, it just feels that way. So, I have a choice. I can either spend the night with my car to ensure it does not get broken into without the opportunity of my being robbed, or lock it up and cross my fingers in hopes it will only have the stereo ripped from the dash costing me a couple thousand dollars to repair while I retreat to the comfort of my residence while I worry non-stop if my car being damaged left alone upon City streets.

So, here I sit. Dean Koontz novel at the ready while I sit along the curb in front of the Tire Shop from 10:00PM to 8:00AM, all because KIA is not smart enough to realize what assholes they are by not providing customers with a real functional spare tire. I can only imagine how angry I would be were my wife, daughter, or other person that should not be left alone on a city street had to endure this situation. KIA if I didn’t love the feel of this car, I swear to Christ I would whistle down your fucktard throats for this shit.

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