Merry X-Mas and Happy 2015

To all my friends, associates, enemies, comrades, non-committed, institutionally committed, significant others, girl friends, ex-wives, affiliates, and other participants in this wonderful life we share . . . I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

When young, we think we cannot be harmed, that nothing bad can happen to us, and that we are smarter than those that have fallen before us, and we can thwart any evil that comes our way. But yet, we still get stoned, high, drunk, sloshed, buzzed, snockerd, blitzed, wasted, wacked, inebriated, intoxicated, incoherent, and other words that specifically identify us as fucked up, while in surroundings that may be less than friendly to us. Be careful out there. Pay attention to your surroundings.  Cover each others backs and hang close with trusted friends.

We can just about guarantee that more than one of us is going to be subjected to some form of harm or violence. DO NOT let you be the one found unconscious with no pants on, an enlarged orifice, and a funny taste in your mouth that you cannot remember how it happened well enough to explain. Go out and party, but be careful. There are people every where you turn just waiting to take advantage of anyone that is less than aware of their senses.

All I am trying to say is be careful, have fun, enjoy the party, but come home safe. DO NOT drive while under the influence. It is not necessary to put yourself in such risk now a days. In the old days, when dinosaurs walked the planet you had limited resources to call on to ensure your safe return home. Now, you have numerous services such as Uber, Lyft, and SideCar  that can see you safely home. Before you go out to party, make sure to download the applications for these services to your smart phone.

Uber Rider App : Promo Code: 4N2S5    LYFT Rider App :  Promo Code: richard088008   SideCar Rider App : Promo Code: RICH195

Use of the above Promo Codes will get you a discount if not a free ride when you use these services for the first time. Now pay attention to this . . . Under certain circumstances you are able to get your complete first ride for FREE. Try any or all of these services. These services exceed the services provided by local taxi services, cost less, and are a much better experience than other transportation services.

A little conversation about women traveling alone or scantily clad while alone . . . Why? Do not misunderstand, I support your right to go where you want dressed any way you wish. But were I an intelligent young/middle aged/elderly lady traveling while scantily clad, I would not be traveling alone. I would have my boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, mother, or father riding shotgun to ensure I return home unmolested with my virtues intact. Yes, you should be able to travel this country from coast to coast wearing a set of “pasties” and a “g-string” without fear of molestation or worse. But,the facts are some men believe that when a woman shows skin, it is an invitation for them to make uncalled advances towards a woman. As long as men are ignorant to what the reality is, this will be a problem. So if not traveling with others, wouldn’t it be prudent for you to wear a coat that covered most of the skin you meant to flash at the club but not on the street? If your answer is, “Why should I have to?” Then my response is, “Because I care enough about you as a person that I would like to see that you get home safely.” I would tell my daughter, sister, mother, aunt, grandmother, and drag queen friend the same, not because I do not support their right to dress and go where they please, but because I care.

Okay, here is a tip. Do you know where the safest place to sit is when riding in someone else’s car? Directly behind the driver as it is the only portion of the car that the driver cannot physically reach while operating the vehicle.

Okay, enough of my playing concerned citizen. Y’all get out there and have fun. But, be careful now ys hear”

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