A Present: Presence In Life’s Moments, Conversations And Relationships

I intended to reblog this about a week ago and somehow it didn’t go.

Don Charisma

Belinda and I here present our slightly different takes on that oh so simple, but oh so complex topic – presence. What it is and what it means to us. In life’s moments, in life’s conversations and of course in life’s relationships.

The Charisma take and the Idiot take on the moment and being in it, or not 😀


This is the first in my “Team Charisma World People” guest blogger series. Belinda’s done me proud, thank you Mrs Idiot … and your “Mr Lion” art, what can I say, awesome, if I could like him twice I would 😀

Belinda’s been blogger friend of mine for a while now. She in my humble opinion is a very talented writer and artist, and a pretty cool human being to boot. So I’m very happy to have her write for us, her art was an unexpected bonus.

What it’s about :

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