Police shootings: Who’s most likely to be killed? – CNN.com

I know how to get the front page . . . Make it racial!

Police shootings: Who’s most likely to be killed? – CNN.com

For the past couple years every incident involving Police and people of color jumps right to the front page of all the media. Why? Because racists want to promote additional racism. Why? Because it gives the racists power, puts them in the limelight, and gives them the attention to further racism. The problem is, nobody is looking at the real problem because they are too busy marching to the drums of the racists. Do you think the protests and marches recently relevant to Michael Brown and Eric Garner were not controlled by racists for racists? Of course it was racist controlled. Were it not racist controlled, other incidents involving other races would have painted a picture of police abuse to everyone is a growing concern, because such is the case. The acts committed against Michael Brown and Eric Garner are not only being committed against Black people, but all of American society.

The problem is not Black, Hispanic, or Indian vs. White Police. What you think the police are only killing minorities? And, do you believe that minorities get killed by police more than white people? On what basis do you form that belief? Have you read or observed any sort of research that says more of any race has been killed by police than any other race? The facts are, we do not even know the true number of persons killed by police per year. Although FBI research tries to narrow down the true figures that would provide the actual figures to ascertain this information, their information fails to adequately demonstrate the truth of who, when, what race, and circumstances.

NOBODY AS OF YET HAS COMPILED A TRUE COLLECTION OF DATA THAT DEMONSTRATES THE TRUTH IN POLICE KILLINGS. This is the truth. So, why are we claiming  police kill one race more than any other? To suggest that more Black people in any major inner-city predominately populated by Black people, are killed more or less than Whites for that city is ridiculous. Why? Because more Blacks live in Oakland, California than any other race. Ah, you thought more Whites lived in Oakland? Sorry, you have been misled. So, how many police killings take place in Oakland after business hours?

Let’s look a little deeper. The Black population of Oakland lives in every neighborhood of the city. White residents of the city live in the exclusive higher income areas of the city. With the exception of entertainment and events you rarely see many Whites on the street after business hours in Oakland. ( This is changing and it is a beautiful thing to see.) So, if most police killings take place after and before business hours in a predominately Black populated city, should more Black people be killed by police than White? My point being that the only people on the street to get shot by police after dark are Black people. Were you to travel to the suburbs of Oakland and compare the amount of white vs. Black police killings it may still demonstrate more Black than White simply because of the overlapping of the community more so than race.

Now if San Francisco, California which is close to 50% White vs. only about 6% Black were to have more Black killings by police than White, then the numbers would demonstrate a potential issue of racial concern. As long as police killings are reflective of the populace, one would have to assume killings by police are not due to racial motivation.

We keep looking at the numbers trying to determine the racial implications of police killings and fail to recognize another demographic that probably would demonstrate the truth in police killings, police abuse, violations of Constitutional Rights, and many other issues in America today. The claims that Whites get away with crimes that Blacks don’t makes it look like a Black kid and a White kid stopped in the same neighborhood, the Black would be charged and the White allowed to get away with the offense. But, is this the truth. As more and more Whites are forced by economics to reside in the lower income areas of our cities and neighborhoods that once were predominately Black are now mixed, does the demographic of income become a very important consideration? I think it does. I think the persons of lower income vs. other income groups is where you will likely find your truth in Police killings. Why? Because everybody of higher income is prejudiced towards the lower income persons. This includes the Police, the Courts, County Agencies, and Politicians. Even higher income people are prejudiced against their lower income same race.

Along these same lines, it is easy to see how people of higher income are not convicted of a crime when the lower income is convicted of the same offense. Economics, is important as the higher income person likely can afford an Attorney that will be capable of thwarting a conviction rather than the overworked Public Defender who has neither the financial resources or the staff to present such defense. Keep in mind that the probability that everyone in the Criminal Justice system holds some form of prejudice towards the lower income person.

Our failure to recognize the importance of economics when considering police killings in America is a meal relished by racists and their advocates, and they play the American Public like a Piper leading them to the cliffs. We as an intelligent society need to look deeper into the causes that effect our society and quit calling the race card for every thing that happens. When we go looking for how many people are killed by police look past skin color to other factors that are likely relevant. Quit allowing the racists of this nation control the voice of public opinion and further promote racism.    

One thought on “Police shootings: Who’s most likely to be killed? – CNN.com

  1. You know, I hate it when I know I have made a very valid point on a topic, and in this case a significant look at a probable answer to many questions . . . And, nobody seems to give a damn!


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