Mall shut down after massive brawl

Imagine trying to by something from your local mall and, . . .

Mall shut down after massive brawl

These are not convicts fighting on the prison yard, nor are they ruthless gang members fighting for turf. These are young women beating the hell out of each other. And no, this is not a school yard or a street corner. This is the local shopping mall. You know, the place where the local community goes to buy gifts for Christmas, clothing year round, and all the other essentials necessary for the household. I guess shopping malls just are not safe anymore.

The report did not explain the reason the incident occurred, but shows a number of young women locked in battle with others in repeated incidents while inside the mall. What truly sucks about this incident is the fact that nobody did anything to break it up. You would think after the first incident at least some of the mall personnel would have become involved, or at least other patrons of the mall. But, some strong manly men stood around taking video to post to the internet. Another distressing consideration . . . This was not racial as all the young women were Black.

The report said the women gathered at the mall due to some social media message. Wish I knew what the message was. The report failed to tell us the exact message, but it must have been something these young ladies found appealing. Regardless, we have once again demonstrated that we cannot play nice in public and that we know how to misuse social media.

My suggestion to all retailers . . . If you observe large numbers of young people entering your establishment, LOCK THE DOORS, and pray they go elsewhere. Between “flash mobs” and “mall fighters” it has gotten almost too rough to run a business now a days.

Does anyone have any idea what this was all about? Is this simply a “15 minutes of fame” moment? Were these women duped into something by others? What role did social media play in this situation. Damn, don’t you wish reports contained information rather than only pictures or film?

2 thoughts on “Mall shut down after massive brawl

  1. Damn that is messed up. I can’t even imagine what that must have been like for the spectators. Though aparently they found it entertaining enough to video. What I really wanna know it, whut the heck started it exactly? If ya find out post it… I’m sure it’ll be a rediculously important thing.

    And… to be fair to onlookers everywhere, I don’t think there are many people out of the 7billion on the planet that would even try breaking that fight up. No single handedly anyway. I sure as heck wouldn’t 😀


    • I would with a fire hose! I will let you know if I find additional details. Otherwise, how ye been m8! Long time no see or hear from you. If it wasn’t by hearing all the women talking about you I’d of thought you escaped . . .


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