I Believe

I believe that sometimes a message is best shared. I like this. I hope you do not mind the reblog.

Serpent, Wolf & Raven

I’ve had this text saved on my computer for quite a few years now, and no longer remember its source… I’ve read and re-read this many, many times, and its TRUTHS have given me much strength over the years.

I Believe…

That just because two people argue, it doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. And just because they don’t argue, it doesn’t mean they do love each other.

I Believe…

That we don’t have to change friends if we understand that friends change.

I Believe…

That no matter how good a friend is, they’re going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that.

I Believe…

That true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love.

I Believe…

That you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life.

I Believe…

That it’s…

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20 thoughts on “I Believe

  1. Well that struck my humanity string pretty hard.
    Beautifully writen, pieces like this echo through to the soul as a reminder to be ……..Strong? Reflective? Thankful? Alive?
    Thanks for reblogging this one will stick with me.

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  2. Rich,
    Just an FYI, reblogging is considered a compliment to the one you are hitting the ‘reblog’ button to. As long as they get the credit, it is always welcome, unless you don’t find a ‘reblog’ button. 🙂

    I have found several authors that write much better than I can express myself so I hit their ‘reblog’ button and I get a hearty “THANK YOU!” so don’t apologize… sometimes someone else has put to words your feelings in a way that you feel expresses it better than you feel you could! Not a single thing for anyone to ‘mind’ about it, my friend!

    Rhonda aka nanarhonda


      • Because the one who is being reblogged has content that others want to share with their circle of influence, hence giving the original person a broader audience.


      • That is true for myself too. A whole bunch of folks out here write darn near better than I can read. When my work gets reblogged and/or good comments I seriously feel accomplishment. Doesn’t happen often, but when it does . . .

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      • Rich,
        Let me say, THANK YOU for your service to our country in the Navy! I only asked that as my son was to be an Army Ranger, but decided to remain in the 82nd Airborne during his term of duty which included serving in Kuwait, and then, the Iraq convoy. My TV was on CNN 24/7, hoping to know where my son was. We sent care packages to him, but never knew if he received them as they were constantly on the move. He was the radio man ~ one of the biggest bull’s eye’s ~ knock out the communication, you knock out the whole platoon. He was known as Radar. Today, he is a 9-1-1 Dispatcher, also known as Radar! LOL I thank God that he came home safe and sound both in body and in mind. He also “obeyed” his mother when he married… I said that they cannot have children until they are back in town. Their first child was the Iraqi love child, as many are dubbed! LOL And he was born here were we are. He is my first born and only son. He carries on my husband’s name as we never had children together and he is the only father my children had ever known, so one Father’s Day, they asked him if he would adopt them so that they could be Radandt’s and he could be their real dad. They ‘gave’ themselves to him that Father’s Day. It was very precious. I met my husband when my daughter, who is only 15 months younger than my son, turned one year old. That was our first date! She would NOT call him Danny, she called him Daddy. His mother has always said that he married me because he fell in love with my children! 🙂 He is a good man, not without his warts and wrinkles, as we all have them. But he is a good man and I thank God for him even if he isn’t perfect, for neither am I. He has never served in the military, however, he has spent his adult life serving his community, starting out as a volunteer firefighter, and EMT- Basic, becoming up to the level of EMT-Intermediate. He worked at the Great Lakes Naval Base as a firefighter for a while. All the while, he was trying to get a position with the City where we lived in. When he was hired, he was actually over qualified in the EMS area because the City was only EMT- Basic. After he finished his training, and was put on the line, we married. The next thing, the City decided they were going to introduce the Paramedic program. My husband was already only on level below Paramedic. He was eager to become a Paramedic. This is an 18 month course that the City was expecting those that volunteered to complete in 9 weeks. Bless his heart, in the midst of this, I have to have emergency gall bladder surgery and he is left to study, care for the children, work, and visit his wife in the hospital (they hadn’t begun the laproscopy until the following year). He passed. Today, he is the only remaining Paramedic of the first class, He has worked for 2 years without one sick day. He works other jobs to help pay the bills since I have become disabled and cannot help pay any longer. He has always worked multiple jobs, but now it is of necessity. He is a good man. He does not seek any recognition for the things that he has done. The Fire Dept. has been cruel to him many times over the 26 yrs. and yet he has never counted off all of the things that he has done good for them. I have said to him, “Honey, I get to g first. I cannot do a firefighter’s funeral. I just cannot do it. I couldn’t bear it. And those that would come would not bear to hear what I would have to say. I get to go first.” He said, “ok, you can go first.” Then he says he never said that! This man is a good man. He never served his country in the military, but he has served in so many areas, in dangerous areas, paramedics in some areas have to wear bullet-proof vests! He does not. However, his station serves a large portions of the ‘ghetto’ of the City. LEOs know that he can and will control a patient if need be, where they would get in trouble. If they need the LEOs, they let them know. They work together.

        I apologize for going on and on! My intention was to say THANK YOU for your service and to tell you about my son’s service.

        God bless you,
        Rhonda aka nanarhonda


      • Rhonda, He sounds like a very good man and it sounds like you certainly love him. As men we work hard and try to put a solid 100% into being what we are, be it cop, fireman, shop keeper, or ditch digger. Rarely are those that we work for truly appreciative for what we do for them because to them we are nothing but a number on a payroll. If you work for a local government it is worse because they really do not care about anything but the budget they have to work with and how well you make them look good. I have done Police, Corrections, Corrections Firefighter, and a number of other jobs in construction and transportation and it all can give a man the blues once in a while. You just keep pressing on trying to get by to a better day. But, seldom is there a truly bad day when you are able to come home to the loving arms of the woman you love. Something about holding your love in your arms just makes things worth while and gives you the strength to continue to carry on.
        I don’t know what you said that caused me to write so much of a response, maybe the love you feel for your husband. I have felt that kind of love a couple times in my life, it gives a man a reason, purpose, and home. That’s more important than just about anything else in this life . . . Good Job.

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      • God bless you, Rich! You have done so many worthy jobs, that go so unnoticed, unthanked, unappreciated.

        May I just, for a moment, in proxy for all those that should have notice, thanked, and appreciated, say what a great job you have done and that it has been recognized and we are very thankful for all that you have done, we so appreciate you?

        Only one who knows can appreciate what I have said and responded so. A man defines himself by what he does for a living and how he provides for his family. A woman defines herself by how well she cares for her family, her home, and her husband. Well, that’s how it once was; what seems eons ago,

        Thank you for trusting me to share that with me. I understand being under appreciated, however, now, being that I am disabled, I’m not much good for anything for him anymore. But a welcome when he comes home.

        God’s blessings on you,


  3. Rich,
    I went to her site to finish reading it and I am in tears as it resonates throughout. I have asked her if I can reblog it as I am a Bible-believing Christian and I didn’t want to offend her. It would be posted on my political blog, not my ministry site, but because she is the opposite of me, I just wanted her permission first. I hope she proffers it as it will resonate throughout many, I’m sure.
    Thank you for reblogging it!
    Rhonda aka nanarhonda


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