Man arrested in rough shape after alleged sexual assault –


Man arrested in rough shape after alleged sexual assault –

I simply fail to see any problem with this. Our subject story discusses the battery of a 52 year old man by an unknown person while the man had been sexually assaulting a woman. Sounds to me as though some Good Samaritan stumbled upon a situation where a woman was being attacked and performed a little street justice.

Now, I am never going to say that performing “street justice” is a good idea. And, nobody should ever physically beat another person any more than it takes for the person to be physically restrained until police arrive to take control of the person and the situation. But if the fella was actually attacking a woman with the intent to perform a sexual act, it sure looks like it was a good idea. To see the bad guy beat to shit instead of the woman beat down and abused is a plus in today’s society where rapist and perverts abuse people each and every day. Seeing him beat down like this if he is guilty of the offense is certainly better than seeing him beat the case in Court some time in the future.

One thing this situation has provided is the reality to the fella attacking the woman, that somebody, anybody, might just happen to catch you doing a sexual assault and whoop the hell out of you, encouraging he do not do such ever again. The only problem, is he actually guilty of committing the attempted sexual assault? I mean, maybe the guy just happened to trip falling on the woman and it was perceived as a sexual assault. Did the Good Samaritan consider this before beating the suspect so severely?

The report fails to detail enough of the details to ascertain if there was even an assault. What I mean is there is nothing that says “the suspect was trying to rape me when this guy heard my screams and proceeded to pull the suspect off me and beating the hell out of him” or similar statement. It does not mean that this is not the way it happened, just that we cannot draw such conclusion as the information is not there. It could even be a family member stumbled upon the situation and beat the guy down. There are just too many “unknowns” in this story to reach any conclusion of what actually happened.

But if it truly was that the suspect was attacking a woman and got his ass whipped for it, is it a bad thing? Would you beat the hell out of someone if you stumbled upon a sexual assault? If it was your friend, sister, daughter, mother, or any other member of your family? What if the victim was male? Again, a family member? There is a lot of folks tired of seeing people hurt in this Country, even more tired of being victims. What would you do?  

Hoping that this situation is really a Good Samaritan coming to the aid of a victim of sexual assault, I remind everyone that there are still good men and women that will come to the aid of victims in our society and we should honestly be thankful such the case. I know I would be happy if somebody saved someone I know and care for from being sexually assaulted, even if he beat the hell out of the suspect.

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  1. This is definitely something to think about. You are correct when you say that there is not enough evidence to know whether or not this act was actually being committed. However, assuming that he was sexually assaulting this woman, I think it was very noble of the man to defend her. You would have to assume that the person committing the crime may have a weapon. Therefore, he could have shot or stabbed both the “Good Samaritan” as well as the woman being attacked. I definitely agree that people should not take justice into their own hands BUT if he was honestly assisting a helpless vulnerable woman, then I have to honestly say I am on his side with this one.

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    • Agreed! I like the idea of regular people standing up against abuse by the aggressors in our society. I cannot understand how people can walk right by a victim being harmed and do nothing, and it just seems to make me feel better about society when somebody saves someone that needs help.

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      • Very true! While we all may not choose or know how to beat someone up, I think we should yell for help while dialing 911 at the same time. Sadly, people choose to mind their own business and I understand that it is mainly done out of fear. However, if you see someone being harmed, I believe it is only right that you do something about it. Think about yourself…..


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