These boys offer very revealing answers when they’re told to hit a girl


These boys offer very revealing answers when they’re told to hit a girl

Is it possible that men are more the man when they are but boys? Do not stress yourself to severely on this, just use the link above to the subject story and scroll down to watch the video. After watching it I thought back to when I was but a young boy. I may have been a much better man back then than I am now. When young it is easy to understand right from wrong, it is as you grow that these damn gray areas jump into the picture.

I know you are not supposed to hit girls and I know some men that will allow a woman to slap them and do nothing, but as an adult I have always drawn a line that even a woman should not cross, and it sucks. The idea of not slapping a woman was from a day when women acted like women and were treated like woman and most of today’s women are not a lady at all. And, don’t women not want to be treated as a lady in today’s society? Actually, treating a lady as a lady will likely get you charged with sexual harassment, won’t it. I saw a young lady last week that had such a bright happy smile that just drew you to her, making her quite attractive. I had to tell her how attractive she was, but found I could not do so without prefacing my comment with, “listen, I am really not making a pass at you but I would like you to know that I think you are very pretty” and then explaining why I thought her so.

Today’s society does not teach women how to be and act like ladies. It teaches them how to be “ghetto” or cuss like a sailor, or be as offensive as any man. Most women today are just as offensive as any man while enabling “bitch mode” as they revel in the false belief that men won’t hit girls. Where a young woman would slap for for an indiscretion, today they slap, scream, bite, kick, and scratch without concern of retaliation. Sometimes they get away with the abuse, other times they get bitch slapped which also works when necessary.

The truth be told, nobody should raise a hand at anybody. Nobody should get in another’s face. And, nobody should ever hit a lady. But if that bitch gets all up in your face, she is not acting like a lady . . . Real Men DO NOT hit Ladies! 

10 thoughts on “These boys offer very revealing answers when they’re told to hit a girl

  1. I like to think of it like this. IF a boy had ben standing in her place, would any of them hit the guy because of a command, without any provokation? I wouldn’t. Though I agree with the video. Domestic violence against a spouse is not ok. Never has been, and even less so in todays society.


  2. Oh my goodness! That video is so adorable. I am so happy they feel that girls should not be hit by a boy. They are very respectful young men and I truly hope they remain that way.
    On another note, I do agree with you when you say that no one should put their hands on anyone else. I am a female and I am against other females hitting a man. The women these days honestly believe that a man will not hit them back. However, haven’t we seen the news of these celebrities – Ray Rice, Chris Brown, etc. Now while I was not present for the fight; however, I could honestly believe that these women hit them first and in such cases, both parties are wrong.


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