Girl, 5, dies after being thrown from bridge; father arrested –


Girl, 5, dies after being thrown from bridge; father arrested –

What kind of sick %^&*())__ throws his 5 year old daughter off of a bridge to her death? And, I am sorry Officer but I would have jumped in with bells on if I thought there was even the slightest possibility of saving her. Why would a man kill his 5 year old daughter? How would you reconcile that murder in your mind? Maybe I am truly stupid, but I just DO NOT get it. I mean a child would have to do something pretty messed up for a parent to even consider murder, wouldn’t they?

Actually, there are lots of reasons that parent’s have used to justify the killing of their children. But not a single reason given is adequate to justify the killing of a child by a parent. As they did not disclose the reasons the man killed his daughter, let’s consider the possibilities with the information provided.

  1. If the man was traveling at close to 100 miles per hour as the police officer suggested . . .
    1. Was he running from someone or putting distance from where he picked up his daughter in case Law Enforcement were to be looking for him.
  2. Why did he throw her from the bridge . . .
    1. Is it possible that he spotted the police officer and believed his pursuit possible, and believed that by disposing of the girl off the bridge would eliminate his being found with the girl? Was it a “If I cannot have her, no one will” type of situation?

To tell you the truth folks, I cannot even imagine how a father can kill his daughter. And, my speculations are nothing more than stupid speculations because the subject story so limited in details of the situation. It is a shame, and my prayers go out to the little girl lost and the rest of her family and others that cared for this little girl. You know this little girl likely loved her father, and he will have to live with the guilt of what he has done for the rest of his life.

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