Ferguson protests spread coast to coast – CNN.com


Ferguson protests spread coast to coast – CNN.com

Isn’t the world just participating in the furtherance of racism? I am seriously asking the question because everybody is screaming about Black lives lost. Do you mean to tell me that no other people of other races have been killed by police?  Everybody seems to believe that there are more Blacks killed by police than those of other races, but there is not as of yet data compiled that demonstrates such. So, what is wrong about this situation?

For the record, I have little doubt that more Blacks are killed than other races. I just feel it damn irresponsible of anyone to claim such without the necessary data compiled to prove it. And even if there are more Blacks killed by police than Whites or Latinos, the problem is not just a Black issue. Every race has a concern in this matter. Wasn’t the White son of a police officer beaten to death, by police while he cried “Daddy they’re killing me” in the not so distant past? Wasn’t there a situation recently in which there was a White or Latino boy out in Solano County that was carrying a BB Rifle that was killed by police officers? During the past week wasn’t a White woman killed by police possibly unnecessarily? And, what of the old White man that got shot by police while trying to get his cane out of his vehicle? THERE ARE MORE THAN BLACKS BEING KILLED BY POLICE! Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that the Racists in our society are doing a lot of promotion in furtherance of racism, rather than addressing the real issue.

I know I may not be choosing the most popular opinion on this topic, but are we not concerned for all people regardless of color that are killed unnecessarily by police? Wouldn’t we present a more united demonstration of this topic if we spoke about the failure of police to use different methods to try to deal with people rather than the use of the business end of a firearm? I simply feel that demonstrations that do not include all concerned and specify one race, make it about that race, furthers racism by not speaking to the same concerns by other races, and empowers racists with the ability to mislead people with the belief that there are just Blacks living this reality.

I will not speak poorly of the dead, but there are many others of all races that are worthy of their names being raised in demonstrations. Sure Black lives matter, but don’t all lives matter? I feel that we are missing a very valuable racial bonding as we scream at police for the Black lives lost, while not caring for the other than Black lives lost. We as a united people should be marching in the streets about all the people killed by police that are unnecessary,  Black Mothers, While Mothers, Latino Mothers, and any other race that has lost someone to what they believe is the wrongful death by act of a police officer should be standing united on this subject. Race should probably not even be a factor in a situation as serious as this. That is, if you really do not believe other than Blacks are being killed by police.  

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