George Zimmerman arrested on suspected domestic violence –

Always one of my favorite topics, our buddy George Zimmerman . . .

George Zimmerman arrested on suspected domestic violence –

Just watch George, “What goes around, comes around!” Most of us remember the killing of Treyvon Martin by George Zimmerman. I still cannot believe that George Zimmerman walked from that Court a FREE man. But, George Zimmerman is not truly free. George Zimmerman has a “monkey on his back” worse than any addiction. In addition to Karma, and the “What comes around, goes around” beliefs that all wrongful acts eventually compensated for, our friend George Zimmerman is forever haunted by the death of Treyvon Martin and will be until his dying day.

You see, George Zimmerman was playing “Super Cop” while working as Neighborhood Watch in 2012 decided to stalk Treyvon Martin who was walking home from a local store. Martin had committed no crime other than being “Black” in George Zimmerman’s neighborhood. Zimmerman’s stalking of Martin ended in a physical confrontation in which Zimmerman shot Martin while engaged in a battle that never should have happened. Unlike the “Ferguson” controversy surrounding Michael Brown or the tragic death of Eric Gardner, Martin had committed no wrong. Having done no wrong and observing that he was being stalked, Martin turned to confront Zimmerman for following him which resulted in his untimely death.

Almost the entire nation looked on in disbelief when Zimmerman walked free from the Court Room at the subsequent trial that was run by a whole bunch of questionable conduct by Prosecutors.  Zimmerman was charged with “2nd Degree Murder” when he should have been charged for a lesser offense that would have been easier to obtain a guilty verdict. Prosecutors were unable to present adequate evidence to support the Murder 2 charge  which allowed Zimmerman to walk free without a guilty finding from the Jury. But, did Zimmerman really walk free? There is no such “free” when you kill a man in “cold blood.”  Officer Wilson did not kill Michael Brown in cold blood, he killed Brown in fear of getting beat down by Brown. Eric Gardner was not killed intentionally, but by accident. Treyvon Martin was killed by a grown man that was nothing more than Neighborhood Watch who was responsible to observe only, never coming into contact with a believed suspect of a crime. Zimmerman never witnessed Martin doing anything wrong but chose to follow Martin in plain clothes, with a personal unmarked vehicle, while carrying a concealed weapon. Zimmerman’s negligence in the situation was the cause of Martin’s death and as cold blooded as a murder can get.

Zimmerman will forever have to watch over his shoulder, not only in fear of retribution for his wrongs, but because George Zimmerman will never enjoy the freedoms of a normal man again. Wherever he goes, whatever he does, the nation has it’s eyes watching George Zimmerman.

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