Group makes last-ditch effort to save ‘Top Gun’ carrier –


Group makes last-ditch effort to save ‘Top Gun’ carrier –

I do not understand why some corporation or non-profit organization has not found a use for these old ships. Seriously! Our subject story discusses a last ditch attempt at saving an old Aircraft Carrier from the razor blade factory. Myself, I do not see “razor blades” as the only use of these old war vessels. I see hotels, industrial facilities, business offices, medical facilities, recreational facilities, nightclubs, and a virtual city within itself. Think of it as just that, a city within an aircraft carrier or other large military vessel. Why not?cvn652

Think about it. You could have a fleet of tour boats, helicopter tours, and fishing expeditions/diving trips as well as a 5 star hotel with numerous shops and restaurants. An underwater sea world type operation if you could modify the hull to provide enough clear viewing area, or any other idea that your imagination can come up with. Of course a casino with Vegas style shows and entertainment. It surprises me that we haven’t turned one into a prison yet.

Face it, it doesn’t even have to move, just park it off the coast. Have you ever wanted to own your own island? Park it far enough off the coast and it could even be tax-free. With today’s technologies it could easily be made “green” compliant and provide for all of the essentials like fresh water and electricity. One of these ships could even be utilized as a Power Facility to generate electricity with some of the new technologies.

I am sorry, but I have just too much of an imagination to just let one of these beautiful ships go to the razor blade factory. Now, if I just had the money to prevent it. With the Government selling them for a penny each to salvage yards, all you would need is about 50 million to start working on it, maybe?

While in the Navy I served on the USS Nashville LPD-13 and the USS Enterprise CVN 65 and I found both to be neat ships. I found them a lot more appealing when I was off of lpd132them, but still really cool ships. I pass by the Mothball Fleet anchored off Benicia, CA and wonder why we are allowing them to rust away when there has to be some worthwhile use for them. Could we use them as housing, schools, or anything other than off to be made into razor blades? With a society as advanced as ours, and technology that cannot be stopped, why haven’t we found use for these ships? We do not tear down skyscrapers if they are still useful do we? Think of a community of exclusive condominiums parked inside or outside of the Bay, with shops, clubs, and restaurants? I gotta stop. I am frying my brain with all the ideas flashing to my head.

Somebody, anybody, buy one of these ships and make it something wonderful . . . Google, you have your hand in everything else in your efforts to rule the planet, save a ship and make us proud!  If you get an aircraft carrier you can run your self-driving cars around the flight deck an amusement park ride. (No offense intended)  If you knew how much time I spent with a paintbrush in my hand on the ships I served on, you would understand my affection for them, RIGHT!    

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