Understanding Taxation

I have been alive for a few years and by this time you would figure I know a lot about taxation. Well, I don’t. As a matter of fact, I do not understand this shit at all. It seems to me that we need to take a more reasonable approach to taxation, allow me a moment to explain my feelings on the subject . . .

  • If I do not make enough money to put food on the table . . .
    • Then how is it I owe the frigging Government?
  • I have giving the Government money for years and years . . .
    • If one of them doesn’t steal it, somebody spends it on bullshit.
  • We use taxes to support all sorts of services. When tax money runs short, we cut some of these services.
    • Wouldn’t it make more sense to stop the waste in Government, than to cut services that feed the hungry?
  • How can you spend tax money the same way over and over again without benefit realized . . .
    • And, nobody put an end to the ridiculous waste and try a different method?
  • Law Enforcement’s opinion on Constitutional Rights Violations, is “prove It.”
    • Wouldn’t it be a wiser choice to protect the citizens Rights than pay out billions of dollars to people who have had their rights violated?
  • If earnings by drug dealers and other criminals are not paying their share into taxation . . .
    • Why can’t someone willing to pay taxes take over their operation?
  • If you make $100,000.00 per year and I make $12,000.00 per year . . .
    • Why are you paying less taxes than I am?
  • If a person is living at below “poverty level” . . .
    • Why does he have to pay taxes?
  • If someone is being provided Government aide like food stamps, housing, or other service The Government is already giving them money because they need it to survive . .
    • So why the hell is the Government bothering them for taxes. Redundant to say the least.
  • If I have to choose giving my kid lunch money and paying taxes . . .
    • What makes you believe I have a choice.
  • If my taxable income for the last 10 years is far less than the tax money wasted throwing that big government party for Government employees . . .
    • Can’t we just forget mine and I’ll forget yours?

Yep folks, the tax man cometh . . . So why the hell is he wasting money and time messing with me who hasn’t a dime in his pocket or a pot to piss in, instead of getting that rich gentleman to pay his fair share. The truth is folks, it is easier to take from the poor that do not have the financial capabilities to  fight back, than to have to face the more affluent in a court battle. The laws should be more simple. If you are not earning above poverty level earnings, you should not have to prepare, file, or submit a tax return

4 thoughts on “Understanding Taxation

  1. Totally agree with you!! Taxes are not bad if you are going to use it to better the lives of everyone but why tax the poor??? Why take tax money to throw awful wasteful elite parties?….etc


    • I cannot think of any year in which there has not been some sort of tax scandal where tax dollars many times the amount of what I pay in taxes is lost to government waste or negligence. Why mess with me, go collect it from those that are not using it correctly. My question for the tax man this year . . . My ex ripped me off for 50k in child support not due her, why did I pay tax on it?

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  2. I’m just frustrated by the I.R.S. efforts to collect taxes from those that are border-line poverty level people. It is like watching police pulling over cars in the lower income neighborhoods so they can impound and eventually take possession of cars with registration problems. Why pick on the “have-nots” all the damn time. For the I.R.S. to mess with the lower income people for income taxes is almost stupid. But, I guess they have to mess with somebody, right?


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