Orlando draws flak for requiring minimum fares for Uber and Lyft, but some drivers support it – Orlando Sentinel


Orlando draws flak for requiring minimum fares for Uber and Lyft, but some drivers support it – Orlando Sentinel

As much as I hate to say it, maybe Orlando has got the right idea. Uber has caused enough harm to a lot of people, including almost every one of their drivers. During the past three months I have been trying to get Uber to pay attention to the “loss” they have forced upon me as a Uberx driver, only to have my attempts to contact “Administration” thwarted by Uber Support who believes they have the ability to answer financial questions.

Uber has reduced it’s rates so low that it costs me $100.00 to $300.00 per month more than I am paid to work with Uber. Uber’s response to my pleas for relief are to tell me that “I need to work more so I can earn more” if you can believe such an dumb ass statement was made. They fail to realize that under the current rates I would have to work full time to take home less than $1000.00 per month. My contribution to earn that less than $1000.00 would be close to $2000.00 per month. Somebody in the subject story said it is like working for minimum wage. No, it isn’t. It is not at all like working for minimum wage. You get paid when you work minimum wage, you do not get paid to work with Uber. Now all you get for your efforts with Uber is chasing your tail to meet expenses.

During this entire process, Uber has lost nothing. The drivers have lost 2/3rds of their income. I started with Uber when they claimed a driver working full time could make 5k per month. They didn’t actually do the math. Sure you could do enough rides to earn 5k per month, but then you need to deduct your expenses such as fuel, toll, insurance, car payment, car supplies, maintenance, cleaning, and taxes from that 5k. Then a month later Uber reduces the rates by 20%, expecting the driver to incur additional expense working more, for less pay.

But Uber does not say that their drivers are losing, no Uber tells a different story. Uber claims that the average driver makes $20.00 to $50.00 per hour, which is serious bullshit. Uber uses the time a driver actually has a rider on board as the time figure for their hourly calculation. If you work 8 hours and have an active rider for about 2 to 4 hours of the 8 hours, Uber uses the 2 to 4 hours calculated against the driver earnings to make this claim. The fact is that if Uber were to perform the very same calculation using the actual time the drivers are working, it would paint a very poor picture for the Uber driver.

Uber had every opportunity to become a National Hero for the United States. By employing 160,000 drivers nation-wide, Uber had singlehandedly changed to face of America just by providing an income to so many people. Uber’s propaganda and miscalculations of driver data would lead you to believe that Uber has done this miracle and achieved Hero status as the result. But, Uber failed to do one really important thing. Uber forgot to pay the drivers fairly. Uber chose to ignore the pleas of the drivers as they one by one started to fall apart financially. Uber’s hero status is nothing less than a “smoke and mirrors lie. How does a company that has the ability to do so much good, choose not to.  Had Uber of stayed the path to support their drivers, marketing Uber would have easily made it almost un-American not to use Uber.

All of the RideShare companies have one thing in common. Their rates are so low that the driver cannot afford to go to work. And in doing so, every driver that purchased a new car to drive for Uber now has a problem paying for that car which will effect their financial future dramatically. So many drivers will feel the impact of Uber’s negligence for many a year to come. Uber considers these cars a purchase so the drivers can have a new car as a personal expense. Drivers consider their purchase of a new car an investment into a partnership with Uber in which Uber acting as a responsible partner ensures that the driver actually make enough earnings to pay for the car and put food on the table.

Orlando may have the solution to the problem. That is if the direct level playing field to Taxis doesn’t leave Uber looking for riders that having grown tired of listening to the negativity created by Uber, that they choose to return to Taxi Cabs.

Uber can still prevent the having to use the same rates as Taxi services. Uber and other RideShare services do not, are not allowed to pick up riders that hail from the street or curb. Ubers riders are only available for pick up by use of the SmartPhone applications used by the rideshare company, which is what separates the rideshare from the Taxi/limo services. Uber’s riders are only available as part of a “club” that use the application, and as such should be able to set their rates in a manner that provides the best benefit to the “club.” If Uber, Lyft, and SideCar have ti use the same rate schedule as the Taxi services, then their drivers should be able to pick up riders in the same manner as the taxi services.

Uber may still see their way out of this mess to win the day. If they choose to save their driver’s day also, it would be nice. Of course, any of the other rideshare companies could also take action to change Orlando’s position using the “club” designation and beat Uber to win the day. 

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