Are You Secretly Cheating? | Men’s Health


Are You Secretly Cheating? | Men’s Health

Face it fella’s, you cannot win no matter how hard you try. Even when you is, you ain’t  And, never forget, “tappin” the sister is always “cheating.”

When I was young, only decent men traveled the country. We were always faithful, never strayed, and never considered telling an untruth. We were men! Okay, which parts do you disagree with? Me too . . .

Women do their best to capitalize on men cheating, but I have yet to meet an attractive woman that does not have a score of male friends that are only just friends. I have had as many relationships with women committed to their relationship as those without such commitment. The ring on the finger only means so much when the linen hits the floor. I have had women get out of their boyfriends car giving them the kiss and the smile only to step to my car and start undressing. So, who is cheating who?

Okay, so I suffer from delusions of grandeur. I know, but it sounded good as I typed it. You’re right, I am an ass. I’m sorry. Well, in this case I reckon you should check out our subject story by clicking on the link above to see if you are actually a cad that cheats on his honey without knowing it. Before you go, I think it necessary to flip the coin for the women to advise them of such for their cheating habits:

  1. Going out for drinks, with your male co-workers and disclosing all your dirty laundry is never acceptable.
  2. Going out to strip clubs and coming home wasted with your clothes in a state of disarray is a questionable event.
  3. Sharing “selfi’s” of yourself pretending to be a super-model is only acceptable when clothing is worn.
  4. Your male friends should never have to leave form a back bedroom window.
  5. Coming home from a night with your girlfriends usually means your underwear should not be in your purse
  6. Oh, by the way . . . MY NAME IS NOT TED!

(This was intended to be humorous, not offensive. So if I offended anybody, please accept my apologies. Hey, you bitches in the back, STFU!) 

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