The Uber Economy – The Atlantic

The facts are, that Uber is all a pack of lies . . .

The Uber Economy – The Atlantic

Think what you may, but everything Uber says is based on what they create their data to say. If they want to say that they are paying drivers $19.00 per hour, they push their database to say that, or manipulate the end result with bullshit.

Every job I have ever worked starts from the time you begin to the end of your shift. Uber takes a different path. Uber only counts the time periods in which a driver is involved with a rider to base their hourly calculations. This means that all the time between riders is not part of the calculation. Imagine if police were only paid while making an arrest, firemen when only putting out fires, you when actually doing your primary task. Think of how much time you would not get paid for. Now, do an Uber calculation.

Driver worked 8 hours

Passenger 3.7 hours

Trips 4

Earnings 70.00

Uber Hourly 18.91

True Hourly: $8.75

Now from this $8.75 or $70.00 Uber pulls a rider fee of $1.00 per trip, or $4.00 in this case. Then Uber pulls an additional 20% from the fare as their commission or $14.00 in this case. So now our $70.00 is reduced to $52.00 which for the 8 hour day is: $6.50 per hour.  WAIT! It gets better. The driver still has to make his car payment, insurance, tolls, fuel, maintenance, and any other expenses the driver has, and deduct that from his $6.50 per hour. Guess what? There is not enough money left to even do the math. This is the legacy that Uber leaves the nation.

Instead of Uber creating 160,000 functioning jobs with living wages that could provide for a family to live upon, Uber gave us 160,000 jobs that are borderline poverty level. A driver will likely have to drive full-time to cover expenses, never generating a livable income as an occupation itself. So is it Uber’s goal to have 160,000 people out on our streets getting paid scraps while the driver is burdened with all the liabilities? Probably, Uber makes more money the more rides taken. Uber would just as soon see 1000 $5.00 rides than anything else. A $5.00 ride is relatively quick and drivers can make multiple $5.00 trips per hour. Keep in mind the $1.00 rider fee. For each trip a driver takes, a $1.00 rider fee is taken. Before this last weekend Uber was collecting 2 million dollars per day on rider fees alone. That probably increased 2 or 3 times this weekend. And, this does not include the 20% commission Uber also collects from the drivers.

Uber may have proven themselves a success as a business model for generation of profit, but proved itself a negative impact on the US economy for failing to provide real incomes for their drivers. All Uber has really done is prove that a bunch of jerks with money can get away with screwing scores of people, disrupting industry, and violating any laws they see fit. But, we knew this well before Uber came along. If ever the drivers were to stand together against Uber it might be an awesome event. Can you imagine the impact of 160,000 workers nation wide making their opinion known?

8 thoughts on “The Uber Economy – The Atlantic

    • It will be very little income for drivers, but not real profit. They have left nothing to build on or to even maintain the status quo. But, by making the driver work twice as much for half as much, Uber increases it’s rider fees by close to double. In other words Uber leaves nothing but low income jobs and still collects millions per day.


  1. It’s surprising what these companies can get away with when they really want to. Over here we have some huge tax avoidance scandals going on with MANY of the major companies. It’s honestly silly, the amount of tax income the country must be losing because of it. Though that’s a different issue I guess.

    Companies like this are sort of like an abusive spouse. They present themselves extreamly well for the first few dates, maybe even the first few months. They’ll wait until you let down your guard and decide to roll with them, in this case until you decide to work with them and give them a chance. Then the pre-marital subtleties seep in. Tiny things like dodgey comments or with this company working conditions. But you live with it cuz you’re there now, it’s no biggie, not important. Then you decide to stick with them and commit. Uh-oh, now you’re in hot water. Legally bound you don’t have a chance. You’re stuck with little choice of direction and they know it too. So now they let their own guard down and treat you the way they really want too. Suddenly, you’re finding yourself slapped in the face and talked too as if you were their worst nightmare turned real. The deal that looked so good before has turned sour.

    Suddenly you’re drowning in company expenses, charged with their bills and expected to also pay for all of your own work materials. sort of like the abusive relationship in that you get dumped with all of the responsibility, guilt, pressure and hate that they decide to burden you with. Do they know it? Yes, do they care, maybe but they aren’t going to change anything if they’re still getting their icing on the cake. You realise all of this but ya wanna know the kicker? Not only are you aware of this situation, but you realise it’s very hard to get out of. Jobs don’t come every day right now, money is seldom given out for nothing and if you try to leave? Well, you’re the one that’ll be left with nothing and still have bills to pay so leaving isn’t always an option.

    The, roughly, if was Richards is trying to tell you 🙂

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    • The real bitch about this situation is the lies they are telling to everyone and them believing the lies. There is an annual conference of Mayors in which one of Uber’s big wigs is telling the Mayors how valuable Uber has been to the economy by job creation. What he isn’t telling the Mayors is that the data he uses to stake his claim is from last October, when drivers could make money. Today, Uber has created 160,000 poverty level jobs that are causing more harm than good. And, the rideshare companies are getting away with it.


  2. Then all that is really needed is for someone to make it know to those mayors AND the media of the real figures with documented evidence to prove it. Then they’d be banged too rights and the mayors wouldn’t be able to ignore the situation.

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