Insane Things Found in Butts

Here’s a story I know you are going to like . . .

Insane Things Found in Butts

People have been hiding stuff up their butt ever since the first police pat down. A common place for drugs to be concealed, it may also serve as a repository for many other things. Having been behind the walls of our Correctional Facilities, I am familiar with the butt being used for hiding drugs, notes, money, shanks (prison hand made knives), and an assortment of other things. Having been perverse enough to experience an assortment of sexual deviance, I am also knowledgeable in people’s use of the butt for sexual pleasure.

And even with my first hand acquired knowledge, I have never had a desire to have anything shoved up that part of my anatomy for any reason. I mean, I won’t hold it against you if you are into that sort of thing but, I cannot even find it acceptable to let the doctor play with my prostate. I have never truly considered anal sex with a woman my thing as I fail to see the difference between that orifice on a man or a woman, it seems as though they be the same thing. I guess my closet homophobia makes me think that if I would do one, why not the other? This is not to say that I do not appreciate a woman’s sexy backside, because I really do. There is little more neck twisting than a young lady’s departure from view.

Anyway enough of my perversity, on with the show . . . Our subject story, available via the link above discusses and demonstrates that there are people that do not share my constraint relative to what goes up there. Feel free to come back and comment after you view it. While we wait, who would like a peanut butter sandwich?

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