SexFit is a pedometer for your penis

Hell, are we really ready for this  . . .

SexFit is a pedometer for your penis

Technology will provide the way for just about anything, sooner or later. When I first saw the subject story, I just read through it and moved along. An hour or so later, I asked myself if I had really read that. Just think, a new marathon to be run.

Technology has to do better than this. How about this device be developed to stop rapists from achieving an erection, or tells a wife anytime a husband gets an erection. Hell, it could be used to zap the crap out of a guy that got erect when inappropriate. It could be used as a score keeper while admiring gals on the beach, as evidence in a sexual harassment case. Maybe as a opening conversation to meet a gal. How about as an excuse not to go to that company meeting. Maybe a means for your Secretary to keep track of you. Yes, I could easily continue . . . But, you have your own sick imagination.

I thought the vibrating panties that worked by smart phone app was the best until now. All this device needs is a smart phone GPS inclusion and there will be nowhere to hide for men from now on. Could you imagine just working up to a good rhythm on a babe and the 5 led’s start lighting up in your darkened bedroom?

I think it would be better if it could attract women to it. You know, as you become erect it sends a signal to women, “Come and get it ladies.” Boy, would that be a deal breaker if it happened at the wrong time. No thanks. They will just have to come up with a better device than this. Besides, I don’t think screaming my stats in a crowded bar is the right way to interest the ladies. Maybe, if I just “texted” my stats to her quietly?

Check out our subject story via the link above . . .

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