Girl, 11, charged with murder in beating death of 2-month-old baby –

This is one of the saddest things I have ever seen . . .

Girl, 11, charged with murder in beating death of 2-month-old baby –

An 11 year old girl that weighs about 50 pounds takes a 2 month old baby upstairs while her mother is asleep, and beats the baby to death! How does stuff like this happen? Is the 11 year old even strong enough to do such serious damage to the baby. Not that she cannot kill the baby, but the injuries are severe, does it take any strength to do those injuries.

Our subject story is not only horrific, but it is also so heart-breaking at the same time. To see a little 11 year little girl in leg-restraints is such a wrong thing to see. The belief that this little girl could have killed the baby is just unbelievable. How do 11 year old little girls learn to kill? I simply do not understand what would cause a little girl to harm a baby so severely in the first place. Did she believe it a doll? Was the little girl abused herself and believed that was how she was supposed to treat the baby?

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4 thoughts on “Girl, 11, charged with murder in beating death of 2-month-old baby –

  1. Ok, I have absolutely no clue how an 11 year old girl could want to beat a baby too death. I think somethings just aren’t meant to be understood and this, I think, is one of them. I wonder what went through the girls head when she decided she was going to do that.

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    • How Do Bud! I cannot understand it either. What I find most curious is the severity of the wounds. Is a little 11 year old girl strong enough to do that much damage? The other question is, didn’t the baby cry at all? I understand the mother downstairs but all that violence, not enough noise to wake her? The only thing I can think of is the girls mother would get angry and beat the little girl and the little girl thought that was how to treat the baby. Or, the mother did it. Nope, the little girl would have given that story up within the first few minutes if that was what happened. I guess it could be jealousy? I do not know, but what a horrific situation.


  2. Hmm, there are too many variables to really consider the mothers situation. She could have taken meds or been wearing ear guards or the daughter could have muffled the crying to a degree. As for the girls herself… very likely she could have. an 11 year old child, girl or boy can hurt others if they want to. Not like an adult could of course, but they can still inflict damage. and you have to also rememer that a 2 month old child is very fragile, it doesn’t take very much to inflict that sort of harm on them, which is a sad reality. Though I agree with you in that I find the story itself somewhat questionable.

    As someone who was once 11 years of age myself, is it really possible (short of a sever mental handicap/issue) for an 11 year old child not to know what was going on or what she was doing? They understand right and wrong by that age, (mostly) and the can certainly understand the concept of hitting someone and physically hurting them because of it. It could even have even something rediculously childish that triggered it like the baby upsetting the girl somehow and then she lost her temper. (Not that this is an excuse, this also bring into question to girls competancy of understanding).

    Those are things only a mental evaluation from professionals would divulge though. There are soo many questions unanswered. If the girl did what she did, and she understood what that meant, do you really think any mentally competant child would have gone downstairs to report to situation to their parents? Not many I think. But like I said, only a professional wouldreally be able to determine the answer. I’d be interested to see how this turns out in the end, if only for a few answers.

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