Rape Viral Video

Have you seen this video yet? It has pretty much gone viral but I figure some may have not yet seen it ands would like to. I think it is an excellent response to rape. I won’t ruin the video for you by telling you how the story plays out, but you need watch it in it’s entirety to understand the resolution involved here.

Rape! Resolve

People that rape are really are looking for their life to become ever so complicated with things like justice, karma, vengeance, and the possible “get even” from victims. If I were a woman, raped, I think I would let the police find my rapist, then kidnap him. I would then take him to every sleazy gay bar in San Francisco and pimp his ass out to anyone that would do him. Okay, give me a break. Maybe I wouldn’t, but doesn’t it sound like a great idea? I’ll never understand rape. Why rape when there is so much sex of damn near any flavor available for the asking and for free almost everywhere you look.

And, to sexually abuse a child is the lowest of lows. There is never an excuse for sexual abuse of a child. To sexually abuse a child is to hang a jacket on the kid that they will likely never shake. No kid deserves that, A child has a future full of hope until abused sexually. Once abused, the child feels little other than guilt as though they did something wrong. Many cannot live with the embarrassment of the abuse and withdraw from everyone and consider themselves to blame to the point of not being able to ever having a good relationship with others for most of their lives. It just is not right to steal a child’s hopes and dreams from them. I am in favor of doing many abuses to persons that commit sexual abuse and/or sexual exploitation of children. Just ask me I have a bunch of really good ideas for stopping those that commit sexual abuse, from ever doing it again. 

4 thoughts on “Rape Viral Video

  1. I truly would love it if a law like that would come into effect. That is the single and ONLY thing that’ll ever work on serial offenders. I thought about it years ago myself (about the punishment that is, not committing the act, of course). However, the major problem with it is human rights campaigners :/ They’d never allow it, even in casses of serial offenders,

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  2. These days they keep rapists and child abusers seperate from other prisoners to ‘protect their right to live’ or something like that. Not sure if it’s exactly the same in America but I can imagine there being a rather similar situation.

    Call me old school and cruel if you like, but I’d personally prefer it if they were lined up onto a wall and shot in the head with a single bullet. They’d definately never reoffend after that.

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