Historian: U.S. women don’t care if they’re raped – CNN Video

This guy is a Historian. He has to be telling the truth . . .

Historian: U.S. women don’t care if they’re raped – CNN Video

American women, how does it feel to hear that this historian believes you do not mind being raped? If I were you, I would be pissed. Of all things to state on national TV, “US women do not mind being raped, we do.” Why didn’t this guy just sit on a stool with a cone on his head.

Our subject story discusses that women do not/are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. A Saudi Historian says something about women breaking down away from home all  alone, followed by “US women don’t mind being raped.” This is on Saudi National Television. The reporter doing the interview is a woman and she next to goes ballistic over the comment. This issue/topic of conversation is that Saudi women are forbidden to drive cars.

Personally, I do not care if the Saudi’s ever get away from their “controlling” ways, and I probably do not care about the gang-rape mentality of the rest of the Middle-East. We need to get our people out of every Middle-East country, shut our doors to these people, and ask they go find other allies. I may sound anti-middle-east, but I truly am not. I am just anti-stupid and there is more offensive conduct and ridiculous beliefs coming out of the middle-east than any place else on the planet. And, our continued involvement with the middle-east just makes us look stupid, seriously stupid.

When did America become a lesser nation than those of the middle-east? When did we decide American women did not mind being raped? How does a person with the title of “Historian” tell such untruths to his whole nation on national television? He must know the truth, he is a historian! He’s a pompous ass regardless his title. But what worries me, is this why we are in conflict with the middle-east so often? Because their historians tell their people stupid lies? How many American women in Saudi Arabia are going to be raped this next week because this jerk says they don’t mind being raped?

2 thoughts on “Historian: U.S. women don’t care if they’re raped – CNN Video

  1. To be fair a LOT of the people from these religions are (at least publically) not happy about and are even against a lot of the crap these types of men impose on women. So it isn’t fair to lop them all into one boat, though if there was any reason for me to dislike religion, this guy is a shinning example.

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    • I do not dislike people from the middle-east, but I do fear the Islamic Faith due to how some understand the religion. I still wonder if our problems with the middle-east stem from their misunderstanding Americans as this Historian does.


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