Have You Ever Wanted To Stand Up For A Cause?

Today, the US RIDE-HAIL DRIVER’S ASSOCIATION started accepting both Driver and Rider memberships for free up to 2500 of each membership. Why? Because Ride-HailSpecialOffer Drivers from services like Uber, Lyft, and SideCar are barely surviving the rate cuts force fed them and without an Association to represent these drivers there is little the drivers can do.

So, Drivers stand up . . . And Join Us! Wouldn’t it be cool if the 160,000 drivers nation-wide were to unite so that their voices could be heard throughout the Country?

So, Riders stand up . . . And, Join Us! Wouldn’t it be cool if somebody actually communicated with Riders? Believe it or not, most drivers hate surge pricing and want to see it done away with or capped at a reasonable level. We want to ascertain the issues Riders have so that they could also be discussed and a resolution be considered before the issue escalates into a major problem. Plus, think of how strong a voice the combined Drivers and Riders would have.

We know this is not your normal Association, but if everyone else can do something different, why can’t we? Our Association will take a short time to get set up. In the interim, we need members. We need Drivers and we need Riders to join so that we can ascertain the issues, discuss the individual concerns, prepare to make our suggestions to the powers that be, and to seek meaningful resolutions. Presently, we have most of the documents for creation of the Association and registration of it as a non-profit corporation and we are ready to take on some membership, nominate officers, and vote our officers into office.

Annual Membership Dues are $10.00 for Drivers and $5.00 for Riders, but for the first 2500 of each MEMBERSHIP IS FREE! Details of this free offer is available on our “Membership” page, accessible from the top menu of our web site at http://rideassociation.wordpress.com

If you have any concern about the future of Ride-Hail Services, please consider joining our Association. Our primary goal is the betterment of Ride-Hail Drivers, Riders, and Ride-Hail Services.



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