If Ride-Hail Services Were To Stop Tomorrow . . .

US Ride-Hail Driver's Association

To provide additional income to drivers to ensure drivers on the street, the Ride-Hail Companies have created guarantees to entice Driver participation. The Ride-Hail companies did not have to impact driver incomes to provide discounted rates to the Riders. They could have simply added the right math to their database to keep Driver’s compensation as it was and allow reduced fares for the rider. But, The Ride-Hail Companies did not do this as they chose to make the drivers pay for the fare discounts provided to riders. This is evident when you look and realize that driver’s expenses have close to doubled while the collection of the increased ridership Rider’s Fees have more than doubled. It is only a matter of time before Ride-Hail Services experience interruption.

To keep the unification of Drivers from becoming an issue, the Ride-Hail Companies have people set in place to discourage any such movement…

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